Boruto Naruto the Movie - Cover

Boruto : Naruto the Movie Review

Boruto : Naruto the Movie is out in HD Quality but the audio is Korean and Subtitles are in English, Since like every Anime enthusiast i am used to Japanese audio, On a serious note, Korean audio doesn’t suit my ears. So today i would like to review the movie.. Boruto Naruto The Movie If

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Arachnid Manga

Arachnid Manga Complete Review [Update – Don’t read this trash]

Arachnid Manga is a Manga, Which you can say pure epic when it comes to the amazing number of twist each and every chapter. And also the fighting techniques used by all characters. Despite of the pure epicness and awesome fights the Manga didn’t get an Anime adaption, But still the Manga is worth reading.

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Anime 2016

Anime 2016 – Anime You can look forward (UPDATED!)

2016 is going to be awesome because lot of unexpected Anime we thought that would never return are going to return and there will be some new epic Anime too! so we will call this Anime 2016 year, so below is the list of all upcoming Anime in 2016 which will be worth watching. List

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One Punch Man

One Punch Man – Anime Review

One punch Man was the hype of this year (2015) which got so famous that even non-anime fans got interested in it and surprisingly their reviews were also great. As a result the Anime is the highest ranked series on IMDB and it even surpassed Game of thrones!! Synopsis In this new action-comedy, everything about

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Chivalry of a failed Knight

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Anime Review

Chivalry of a failed Knight in Japanese also known as Rakudai kishi No Cavalry – You may think that its a typical cliche Anime i.e the one with high school sword action and lots of harem but its not like that. In fact you can say that this Anime is surprisingly good than those typical

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2015 Summer Anime

2015 Summer Anime Round up Top 13

2015 Summer Anime Round up consisting Top 13 Anime from my opinion. The Anime are arranged randomly and not with Ratings and Rankings List of Top 13 2015 Summer Anime 01 – Akagame No Shirayuki Hime Synopsis – In the kingdom of Tanbarun lives Shirayuki, an independent and strong-willed young woman. Her resourceful intelligence has

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