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Arachnid Manga Complete Review [Update – Don’t read this trash]

Arachnid Manga

Arachnid Manga is a Manga, Which you can say pure epic when it comes to the amazing number of twist each and every chapter. And also the fighting techniques used by all characters. Despite of the pure epicness and awesome fights the Manga didn’t get an Anime adaption, But still the Manga is worth reading. And why is it so?


Fuji Alice is a senior high school student who lives with an uncle that spends his time tormenting her everyday. One day, Alice witnesses the death of her uncle by the hands of an assassin called “Kumo” (Japanese for Arachnid). She then falls unconscious, and upon waking up, she finds out that she’s in Kumo’s house… Now, this Alice who no longer has any family is being raised by the assassin himself..!

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Arachnid Manga - Cover
Arachnid Manga – Cover

Fuji Alice is a girl who lives with her mother, She didn’t knew her father. One day she returns from school and finds her mother lying dead. She now lives with her uncle, as he is her only family but her uncle doesn’t take care of her and just torments her. Fuji Alice also gets bullied by few girls at her school. One day she returns home and her uncle tries to assaults her physically. A visitor comes and uncle goes to see, after that she thinks what to do and suddenly everything goes silent and she goes out to see the things, she sees her uncle’s death by the hands of assassin named ‘Kumo.’ As the witness of the event kumo tries to erase her and she tries to defend herself by attacking Kumo. Kumo realizes the talent and power of girl and the fact that she has no family now that he killed her uncle, he decides to take care of Alice and raise her as assassin.

Arachnid Manga Review

This is by far one of the best Manga i have ever read, that’s because the Manga has lots of twists and turns from the chapter two and that continues every single chapter and till now. The Manga is still on going. Typically in a story a certain part may come where you may able to predict two or three scenarios that may come true in future. No matter from where the story originates be it from Manga, Light Novel or Anime, sometimes you’re able to predict the content of next chapter and that’s because of common pattern or setting that has been followed through ancient days. Well this Manga tears through that kind of system, The author is creative enough to add enough twists and turns every single chapter that makes the story unpredictable. For example if you’re reading a certain chapter of this Manga and think that this is easy “i know where the story is heading,” or like “i know what will happen next.” The next chapter will give you something else that you didn’t expected or considered it to happen.

Update : Well this is what my point of view was, but at the end the manga is pretty screwed and the story got even worse and the end well is probably the trash.

Art of fighting used


Each Assassin is trained in the Martial art that’s based on ‘Bugs.’ In Kung Fu there is a fighting style called ‘Praying Mantis Style,’ In this Manga Ant, Grasshopper, Arachnid, Spider and the list goes on. Even the weapons used by Assassins is based on that bugs they used as their fighting style. See the above image so that you can clearly understand.


Art is good, although the character design is good background is not that good but in the latest chapter its character design improved even further and background too!!

Things i liked and things i didn’t liked

Things i liked regarding this Manga, is of course its story and the twists and turns every single chapter. Fighting and the strategies used in fighting are good too! What i didn’t liked about this Manga is that it lacks ‘Male Character.’ I’ve only seen 4 Male characters until now and even among them ‘Kumo’ is the only important one. The rest of the main characters are all female. Update : The Manga is completely screwed up in the final arc.

Why this Manga didn’t get Anime adaptations

Story is simple yet it mange to surprise readers by its incredible number of twists, Fighting is also good and the strategies used in fighting are good too but its too normal. I didn’t feel much attraction towards the action scenes. Also the mangaka probably lost the sense of what he was writing and he screwed the entire story.


Its strictly 18+ Manga because, it contains intense ‘adult scenes (which are censored)¬† and the death scenes are brutal and this is one of the main reason why this Manga hasn’t got its anime adaptation yet

Status –¬†Completed

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