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Boruto : Naruto the Movie Review

Boruto : Naruto the Movie is out in HD Quality but the audio is Korean and Subtitles are in English, Since like every Anime enthusiast i am used to Japanese audio, On a serious note, Korean audio doesn’t suit my ears. So today i would like to review the movie..

Boruto Naruto The Movie

If you have Naruto manga’s official sequel i.e “Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage & Scarlet Spring” then you would get the link to the story-line, its pretty small Manga so you can read it fast. Now the story of the movie is set in the time period after Naruto sequel ends,  the son of ‘Seventh Hokage’ Naruto has became a spoiled kid, And his relationship with his father is on the verge of end, because Naruto being Hokage the workload is taking toll on him, so much that he rarely gets any free time to spend time with his kids. Naruto is trying very hard to get his relationship back to normal but somehow it takes worse situation, And meanwhile Sasuke is on a secret mission handed down by Naruto where he is attacked by movie’s antagonists.

Movie Review

This is the best Naruto movie ever made and you can see that Kishimoto sensei and fellow animators have put their entire heart and soul in this Movie, Its probably even better than “The last – Naruto the Movie.”

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The movie focuses on Naruto and his son named boruto, and how Naruto tries very hard to get together with his son so he can fix the collapsing relationship with his son. On the other hand his son turned out to be a spoiled kid, Who tries to seek his father’s attention by any means and at the same time despises him for not spending time with his family. He thinks because Naruto is Hokage , he is acting all bossy and lecturing him. And thinks that his dad was having a better life since he didn’t have to worry about his parents because he had no parents at all.

Due to all this situation, you would probably end up hating him but at the same time you will think that his behavior is right! Kids at that age tend to seek attention of their parents and always get angry if the are not able to spend the time. But anyways if you think that emotional family drama is everything the movie is then you’re wrong.


The Movie has two Antagonists, First one is Momoshiki – The guy who acts smart but he is not really that smart, instead he is half-psycho. The other one is Kinshiki – The guy who does all the muscle work and the most loyal villain ever who talks with manner even with enemies. Even though i said the movie is the best one ever! I can’t say same thing about these two villains. Compared to Orochimaru, Obito, Madara, Toneri Otstsuki and Even Kaguya Otstsuki, these guys are nothing i must say.

Especially Momoshiki he tries to act smart but that’s makes him look like a dumbass, like who couldn’t even anticipate a single counter move played against him. Compared to him Kinshiki looks more stronger and has enough brain to put a decent fight against anyone but Kishimoto made him such a way that he is only good at muscle job, he lets Momoshiki do all thinking and planning. So Kishimoto if you’re expecting to get us thrilled by seeing the villains i am sorry you’re wrong. Compared to the two of them Toneri Otsutsuki the villain of The last Naruto the movie seems more of a formidable antagonist. These two villains are strong with their strength combined but weak when they fight separately and sadly their combined formed looked like more of an over-smart beast!

Other characters and their development

This time Hinata, Sakura, Temari, Tenten, Ino, Himawari, Sarada, Mituski, Shikamaru etc, all remained on the sidelines, so can’t write about their character development. On the other hand Sasuke and Naruto received tremendous amount of development. I personally like to praise Kishimoto for making Sasuke’s Character developed that much. From Shippuden’s Sasuke i prefer this Sasuke even more. We can clearly see the respect he has for his friend, rival, and comrade Naruto. Naruto on the other hand has really matured, Just like his father ‘Namikaze Minato – The Fourth Hokage.’ Sadly i miss the old childish Naruto but yeah you have to grow up. Although there is a certain science division group of Konoha Ninjas that will annoy you even more then antagonists!

Naruto’s Son x Sasuke’s daughter

Boruto has feelings for Sarada and Sarada too have feelings for him, Even the movie you will see him protecting Sarada and trying to impress her, and Sarada getting flustered in his presence when he said “I will become a shinobi like your father who protects Hokage, When you become Hokage i will be your right hand.”

Fight Scenes and Animation

Awesome and badass fight scenes, i really liked them and the Animation is fabulous. The studio did great job on the Animation. I find it hard to describe, Because you will probably get goosebumps and get excited all over.

Wrapping up

Boruto : Naruto the movie did great job of displaying complicated father and son relationship in the movie. Just in the Naruto series the main character Naruto learns the importance of having family, parents and bonds. In this movie he learns what being a parent really means and at the same time this movie shows his son boruto learing the importance of his father.

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