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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Anime Review

Chivalry of a failed Knight

Chivalry of a failed Knight in Japanese also known as Rakudai kishi No Cavalry – You may think that its a typical cliche Anime i.e the one with high school sword action and lots of harem but its not like that. In fact you can say that this Anime is surprisingly good than those typical cliche Anime and of course the one that will keep you wanting for more with beautiful well balanced romance with its surprisingly dark story line along with epic fights!


The “school sword action” story revolves around Magic Knights, modern magic-users who fight with weapons converted from their souls. Ikki Kurogane goes to a school for these Magic Knights, but he is the “Failed Knight” or “Worst One” who is failing because he has no magical skills. However, one day, he is challenged to a duel by Stella, a foreign princess and the “Number One” student. In this duel, “the loser must be obedient for life.”
(Source: ANN)

Chivalry of a failed Knight Anime Review

‘Chivalry of  failed knight,’ or Cavalry of failed knight or ‘Rakudai kishi no cavalry,’ is the Anime adaptation from the light novel ‘Rakudai kishi no eiyuutan.’ The light novel contains 4 volumes and the Anime covers 3 volumes of the ‘Light Novel’ in 12 episodes. So now there is only one volume remaining which won’t be enough to make the second season as there is no enough source material to make it.

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Now, Why the hell am i expecting the second season from this Anime? you may be wondering that. But don’t worry because you will get your answer, as you will continue to read my review. First of all, i want you guys to keep one point in mind. This is not just another high-school harem anime where the ‘MC’ or i should say the ‘Main character’ who is treated as an outcast because he is weak and later gains tons of girls by showing his true strength. Well that Anime concept is an ‘old school’ thing now. This Anime got unexpected story which could get serious, dark and at the same time entertain you with romance, comedy and its extraordinary good fight scenes. In fact this anime does not have ‘Harem’ at all. After reading the synopsis you may think that its another harem anime but it shatters your expectations ingeniously.

Character development and information

There are total 5 characters worth mentioning who had great impact on me. The below review contains information on those. But there are other supportive character too, on which you can take a look.

Ikki Kurogane – Main Character 

Chivalry of a failed Knight Ikki Kurogane
Chivalry of a failed Knight Ikki Kurogane

Ikki kurogane the Main character is a weak guy but grows stronger by training everyday to the point that he has ability to discern a persons ability with just a single look. At some point it may give you a feeling that he is ‘Genius’ in reality. But that’s not true, he was weak so no one bothered to train him so he did most of the training of his own and got stronger. What i meant to say is, when people are blinded by the overflowing talent, they always tend to overlook small potential that may outgrow the talent with nothing but hard work. And this Anime teaches that perfectly. This series mainly focused on ‘Ikki kurogane’ so you will see great character development.

Stella verimillion 

Stella vermillion
Chivalry of a failed Knight Stella vermillion

She is the first one to challenge ‘Ikki’ for duel, She is a royal princess who came to Japan to study because, she was frustrated with the label of ‘talented person,’ and everyone overlooked her hard work. She later falls in love with Ikki. She is tsundere, and a cute one you will ever see. She doesn’t get much character development. But as ‘Ikki’s girlfriend she gets a great character development.

Shizuku Kurogane

Shizuku Kurogane
Chivalry of a failed Knight Shizuku Kurogane

At the start of the series she is more like a girl who does nothing but stick to her ‘Oni-Sama’ (Ikki kurogane). Later she gets a great character development and later acts mature. And yeah even though she is cute she is strong.

Nagi Arisuin

Arisuin Nagi
Chivalry of a failed Knight Arisuin Nagi

He is a guy with woman’s heart. He doesn’t get much character development and its still not clear how strong he is, because in Anime none of his fights were shown. But he is a great support character and sometimes act as a mascot character of the anime.

Touka Todo

Toudo Touka
Chivalry of a failed Knight Toudo Touka

She is like ‘Mirajane’ from Fairy Tail, in fact you can call her ‘Second Mirajane’ if you want to. She is cute, kind and acts like airhead but in terms of badass-ness she can rival Erza scarlet and Mirajane Strauss. Considering her character development, there is not much to right about it but her character is mature. Or you can say that she is more like a mature lady.

Fight scenes and Animation, Romance and Ecchi scenes

As you can see from the above picture the animation is bright but its tolerable. Character design is perfect too. Each and every character has a feeling of maturity according to their age. Except one teacher who is ‘Loli’ and you know ‘Lolis’ are irresistible.

Fight scenes execution is also awesome which will give you ‘Goosebumps’ without a doubt!! Regarding romance scenes, this anime shows natural romance. What i mean to say is, Typical Anime romance is like girl trying to propose boy and the boy in return teases a girl. Or boy following girl so that she can notice him and gradually both grows closer. This anime doesn’t follow that pattern, Romance is more natural and has real-life feeling to it. Stella vermillion is a princess and Ikki Kurogane is a failed knight, A relationship with such a guy is unacceptable and this anime shows that very well. At the end you will also see how Kurogane overcomes the obstacle and proposes to Stella.

Regarding ‘Ecchi scenes’ there are not much except for Stella and Kurogane’s steamy scenes. Well this just shows that sometimes acting cool is not enough, if you want to get the girl, you need to be a badass, cool and manly. And its no doubt that Ikki Kurogane has all that!

Wrapping up

Overall the Anime was good watch, in the end it will leave you with a feeling – “I want more of this!” But sadly we won’t get another season so soon as there is not enough source material.

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