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One Punch Man Season 2 Date and Predictions

One Punch Man anime is something that got everyone excited in 2015. Its a ‘Super Hero Anime’ that no one has ever seen. To be more precise, One Punch Man is a ‘Gag Hero Anime’ which is why it made everyone laugh and get excited with goosebumps whenever there was a badass scene. And it all thanks to its “Main Characters” – ‘Saitama’ and ‘Genos’ the Cyborg.

One Punch Man is mainly focused on ‘Serious Humor’ i.e What characters are saying or doing its all serious but its executed in such a way that it makes us laugh. And then later we think, “Oh yeah, if you think carefully, that was the obvious thing.”
Until now One Punch Man has created a lot of hype because of which, majority or i should say tons of fans are expecting the ‘Second season’ of the Anime. For those people – Who don’t know ‘How much episodes the first season have?’ for them the answer is “12 episodes.” Meaning, the next episode that will come will be the last of this season. So ‘How long will it take to make the second season?’ or ‘Will there be any?’
Article update – One -Punch Man Anime Season 2 announced

What it takes for Anime to have a Second season?

One Punch Man - Saitama OK Face
One Punch Man – Saitama OK Face

There are total 3 factors that decides, if the Anime is getting another season or not. What are those 3 factors? We will see that now!

01. Manga or Light Novel Sales in Japan
I will start with most of the basics, First of all, for the Anime to have ‘Second season’, the Number 1 thing which is needed the most is the source material i.e the original source from where the Anime came [Anime is made from light novel and manga and sometimes they have original story], here in case the ‘Manga’, so the source material or the Manga must ‘Sell.’ If the ‘hype’ of the manga is great ‘One Punch Man’ will get second season. But there re conditions and they are – The Manga must ‘Sell great amount of volumes’ in Japan, if the sales in Japan is not good chances are the Anime will get delayed or in the worst case it won’t get a second season. It doesn’t matter how good the manga sell overseas. Take an example of ‘Kaichowa Maid Sama’, ‘Medaka Box’ and others thousands of Anime, which failed to make an greater impact in Japan and got their Anime adaptations canceled. Manga, even below that, get canceled. Sometimes the situation is opposite, if the Anime fail to make impact there won’t be a second season but Manga will continue because it has more impact than Anime.

02. Enough story for the season to cover

There is one basic rule in the world of Anime, the ‘Anime’ should never catch up with the original storyline. Since One Punch Man is an Anime that is adapted from Manga, the Manga becomes the original storyline of the anime. And so for the Anime to have a second season there should be enough amount of story, so that second season can cover it. If the Anime catches up to the original storyline, Anime studio has no choice but to add ‘Filler episodes.’ And that’s the same thing happened with ‘Bleach’ Anime. So if you don’t want One Punch Man to end up like bleach you’ve to wait until the Manga has enough material to cover.

One Punch Man - Anime vs Manga
One Punch Man – Anime vs Manga

One Punch Man animation is great, and the reason for that is the ‘Great artwork,’ the Manga has. One Punch Man originally started as a Web comic and its Author name is ‘ONE’. ‘ONE is not talented enough to draw. So behind the One Punch Man manga there is a two-man team. One person writes story and one person illustrates it. As i said earlier the Author’s name is ‘ONE’, and the person who illustrates the story is ‘Murata sensei’ the one who drew ‘Eyeshield 21’ Manga

One Punch Man is the manga who gives the date of the next chapter after every single chapter. So at this point i am really not aware that Manga is weekly or monthly. As a result the deadlines can’t be confirmed and from the above picture you can see how much efforts ‘Murata sensei’ puts into his drawings. In fact the art itself has now became the essence of manga and if you have seen ‘Bakumkan’ anime or read the interviews of other Mangakas. You may have an idea of how tough the life of Mangaka is. Considering all that and the current pace of One Punch Man manga, we have to wait until there is enough material for second season.

03. Sales of the of DVD and Blu-Ray disks and Accessories related to Anime

Well this is the last and the third factor which decides that Anime will get another season or not. Although the above two factors are main ones. If the Anime and Manga are both popular then the accessories related to Anime like – Figures, Clothings etc.. will be equally popular and more and more people will buy. And that same goes for the Anime DVD and Blu-Ray disks.

So will there be One Punch Man Season 2?

Manga and Anime are both popular, In fact the Manga was popular enough in Japan to get an Anime adaptation and with the Anime series that’s definitely not inferior to Manga, the popularity of One Punch Man is elevated more than ever. So if DVD and Blu-Ray disks and Accessories of One Punch Man comes out then we can expect a sale enough to convince that the Anime will get another season. The only thing that remains now – How longer the One Punch Man manga continue to maintains its hype in Japan and how fast the chapters will come out so there can be enough material for second season.

So looking at the current situation One Punch Man is on its peak of ‘Glory’ but for now there is not enough story material hence anime can’t be made, so for now we can assume that second season will definitely come but it will take a long time, Maybe at the end of 2016 or 2017 Spring or Winter. One Punch Man illustrator has also said in his latest interview – ” I will work harder so the Anime series can get second season. ” And as you know One Punch Man is animated by Mad House Studio which is famous for its ‘Single season Anime.’ They too will not have any choice but to make another season, if One Punch Man maintains its popularity.

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