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Musaigen No Phantom World Episode 1 – 4 Impression

Musaigen No Phantom World

There are lots of Anime in the year 2016 on which you can discuss and talk about. Pretty while back i gave my first impressions on the few new Anime of this season and i would still continue giving those reviews. Now just couple of days ago or its more like 2 days go i started watching Myriad Phantom World or Musaigen No Phantom world on the recommendation of my friend. The Anime was on going, and the concept of the Anime was interesting so i decided to watch it and it didn’t let me down. Instead it convinced me that its plot can be something big.

Musaigen No Phantom World Synopsis

In the near future, spirits and monsters are in full sight. A boy leads a group of people with special abilities as they plot against a massive organization that takes advantage of a certain incident and eventually know the truth about their world in the process.

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Musaigen No Phantom World Anime Review

If you read the above synopsis, then you must have noticed that the story has a catchy feeling to it and you feel like you wanna know the story in depth and what is happening in the Anime. The story is set in the world where reality and virtual reality or fiction blends with each other resulting into the creation of digital spirits or monsters who live together with normal human beings. Just like digimon but little different. The main character ‘Haruhiko Ichijo’ has a special powers as summoner who summons digital spirits or monsters which are not that he can also seal them in which he is actually a bit better, leads a group with people consisting special powers in order to stop outlaw digital spirits or monsters who doesn’t coexists with human beings and help the spirits or monsters who are kind and just want to pass on.

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The Anime has covered 4 episodes up till now and you can say that the Anime is still at a stage where protagonists gathers his comrades in order to confront something big, in other words nothing major is happening in the Anime right now in fact the Anime is in the initial starting stage and is getting more and more interesting to watch. This might be because soon interesting things are going to happen. Although these initial episodes gives detail and in depth information about the world in the Anime so the viewers won’t get lost if something major and big thing happens. Because of this reason it becomes nearly impossible to skip the episodes or drop the series.

Musaigen No Phantom World – Animation

A very high quality Animation and of course a detailed art style which flesh out the feels from the characters as well as an astute coloring which make the Animation not to bright and not to dark, a perfectly well balanced animation. As expected from the ‘Kyoto Animation’ who worked on series like ‘Free,’ ‘Hibike Euphonium’ and ‘Chunnibyou demo koi ga shitai’ and not to mention ‘Hyouka.’

Musaigen No Phantom World – Characters

The story, Animation, Digital Monsters are not the only interesting thing to look at in this Anime. We have our characters and their special powers that’s another interesting thing to look at.

Haruhiko Ichijo – Main Character 

Musaigen No Phantom World - Haruhiko Ichijou
Musaigen No Phantom World – Haruhiko Ichijou

Haruhiko Ichijou is the main character of the Anime and he is wise as old man. Everyone in his team calls him Professor Ichijou or Hakase Ichijou because of his knowledge regarding phantoms and the working of world. But there is another reason why people calls him Hakase or Professor, That’s because like a typical professor from any typical Anime he is weak. He has the ability to summon digital monsters, phantoms and spirits but despite his strong imagination they turned out to be weak. His other techniques his sealing the phantoms, spirits and monster in a book by sketching them. This ability is similar to ‘Sai’s sealing ability’ from ‘Naruto Shippuden.’ The most interesting ability Ichijou has is to copy other people memories. Meaning if Ichijou copies the memory of a person filled with a memory full of fights and martial arts training. He can use those fighting techniques for a particular period of time. But there is a limit, Unless his physical foundation is strong he can’t use those techniques. However that doesn’t apply to special powers.

Kawakami Mai

Musaigen No Phantom World - Kawakmi Mai
Musaigen No Phantom World – Kawakmi Mai

Kyoto Animation is known for its beautiful animation but its also known for the other thing and that thing is the cute girl characters they design. Because of this reason guys like us tend to give up on real world girls. Kawakami Mai is the energetic female character of Anime though she is cute but she is also the strongest among the team members when it comes to fighting skills or matrial arts skills. Kawakami Mai’s skills is based on the energy control. That has been popular since the days of Dragon Ball Z. That girl ca control the chi energy surrounding her and inside the body and use it for purpose of fighting spirits and phantoms and digital monsters. Personally i like her, Not only she is cute but she also as sort of mature feeling around her.

Izumi Reina

Musaigen No Phantom World - Izumi Reina
Musaigen No Phantom World – Izumi Reina

Another cute girl from the Anime. She is also polite and soft speaking character and a shy person. Despite of all these things i would say that this girl possess the most dangerous ability in the entire Anime and that is to eat or its more preferable to phrase it like this – “The ability to eat anything limitless.”

Koito Minase

Musaigen No Phantom World - Koito Minase
Musaigen No Phantom World – Koito Minase

She looks more like a Tomboy but on the other hand she is cute. She is still not in the team of protagonists and acts like lone wolf. Her ability is to control the sound and by far she is the most talented character in the Anime. Not much information is revealed about her until now the Anime has covered the backstory of the first three characters which also covered the in depth information regarding the world in Anime. Maybe we will get to see something regarding her in the next episode.

Wrapping the review

The Anime is good and has quite promising feel to it. Its also fun to watch so you won’t actually feel like skipping the whole series. The Anime also covers the ecchi parts but not that much.

The Overall Anime Rating

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