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Naruto Shippuden Overview and Fillers

Naruto Shippuden - Sasuke and naruto

Naruto Shippuden sucks? Why? – We are tired of Naruto fillers, and in the year 2015 we only got ‘total eight canon episodes,’ and the rest of them were all filler episodes. So why the Animation company adding so much fillers to Naruto Shippuden Anime? What they are thinking? What’s their strategy? we will all discuss here in this post

History Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime and Fillers

We will start from the Good old Naruto Anime which was everyone’s favorite. I started watching Naruto nearly Seven or Eight years ago when it first aired on cartoon network and it covered the episodes till Orochimaru fought Jiraya and Tsunade and where Naruto unleased genuine Rasengan for the first time. After that it stopped airing the episodes. During that period of time i got hooked on Naruto so when it stopped airing, i started watching its episode online and i watched it till Shippuden episode 155 and after that i started reading Manga. Unlike other people who continues read manga from where the Anime stopped, i started reading manga from the start because i was curious how interesting the story will look in Manga form.

Naruto Manga
Naruto Manga

I was surprised to find that Naruto Anime right from the start, like from episode 98 or 100 were filled with fillers in between the actual story line. At that time i was like how i didn’t get irritated with non-canon episodes when i was watching them?

So you’re getting the gist of what am trying to say right? there are two types of people in the world of Anime

  • First are those people who are only satisfied by watching Anime
  • Second are those people who watch Anime and read Manga/Light novel of the same series to know what will happen in the Anime.

People who only watch Anime don’t feel anything about fillers because they feel its a continuation of the story line and even if they find out that the episodes in between are fillers they won’t feel anything and will humbly continue watching the Anime. Now here comes the crucial point of discussion.

How Naruto Shippuden fillers should really be?

Fillers should either be related to the original story or they should be timed right. Mess in either one of those it throws story out of balance. In case of Bleach the Animation studio messed in both of these points and as a result the Anime was cancelled, Well they didn’t really have any choice because Anime was very close to Manga.


So here Toei Animation the company who Animates One Piece made decision of stretching out the episode. Usually one episode consist of two manga chapters. What Toei Animation did is Animated only single chapter per episode this way even if the pace drops a little the Anime viewers are able to enjoy the show in detail without missing any crucial point and if they needed to add any fillers they would timed it right and make the filler in such a way that it sticks to the original story line and make sure the episode quality remains as it is moreover they would try to keep the amount of fillers as low as possible, that’s the same thing with Fairy Tail.

From where the hype Naruto Shippuden’s was messed up by fillers?

In case of Original Naruto Anime they didn’t messed up with fillers from my point because it actually seemed that the filler are actually related to original story. In Shippuden too i did enjoyed the fillers and among all the fillers these are my favorites

  • The filler in which Naruto is training for his Rasen shuriken and he has to go on mission which included Ninja Monks.
  • The other one was fight where Naruto learned Toad collaboration Ninjutsu.
  • Other filler was Naruto teaming up with Utakata the six tail beast Jinchuriki.

But the fillers in between war and after the world falling for ‘Infinite Tsukiyomi’ are nerve wrecking that’s because they are just randomly timed and are the biggest fillers, plus the story is completely unrelated. But still they are tolerable to some extent. But the fillers that are currently on-going are not tolerable because they are re-telling the entire story by completely modifying it which is worse.

Why the Animation studio are adding filler to Naruto Shippuden episodes?

When the Manga was still running, it was understandable that Animation studio was adding fillers because the story is close to Manga. But now when the Manga itself is over, why still filler?
Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden
In a recent Anime fest held in Tokyo, Kishimoto announced that his assistance is drawing Naruto Sequel Manga based after the story of Scarlet Spring and Boruto Movie and he will be assisting him in that work. Now long before that in an Interview with Naruto Shippuden Anime director we got a word that the Anime will continue even after original story ends. That means Anime studio is actually waiting for New Naruto sequel to cover a decent amount of story so that the Animation studio can have enough content to work on!
That’s the reason, we are only getting filler episodes nowadays.

After these fillers are over its look like we are getting new Itachi Anime in March but that will be continued as filler series in Naruto Shippuden Anime and after that series is over we’re getting another filler arc which shows the story of Otsutsuki kaguya the mother of Sage of six paths Otsutsuki Hagoromo. Its still not clear that the arc will be after Itachi’s arc or before Itachi’s arc. But if that’s the case we may not be able to see the canon episodes of Naruto till 2017! You can read the article here regarding that issue reported by saiyan island No cannon episode of Naruto till 2017

If this happens, then the sequel would get enough chapters to Animate and till the original Anime ends (may be in 2017) the new Anime sequel will start again!

This may not sound a big thing for those who only watch the Anime but this is big thing for those who read Manga too and watch Anime too.

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