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One Piece Chapter 814 Review and further Predictions

One Piece is one of the legendary Manga japan ever had and the Anime also doesn’t disappoint. While every One Piece fan is aware with the dark past strawhat member had there was still a loopehole which remained all these years and that was Sanji’s origin. While every strawhat members had their origins revealed while we were seeing their back story. Sanji was the only crew member whose origin wasn’t revealed. So we saw a lot of predictions and among them the most promising one was ‘Sanji is related to one of the member from Gorosei.’ Either way fans were dying to know the origins of Sanji and One Piece creator Oda Sensei gave news that 2016 is going to be a Sanji year and he is going to reveal Sanji’s origin.

Couple of chapters back we knew that something awesome and fishy is going to happen the moment we saw ‘Sanji’s wanted poster’ with ‘Only alive’ tag.

One Piece Chapter 814 Review and predictions

So ever since the Luffy and others came to ‘Zou island’ after dealing with ‘Doflamingo’ we were curious about what happened to half of the crew members which went to Zou. Few chapters later we got to know that Sanji and Ceaser clown were missing. While covering all the details of the incident we got to know Sanji’s family name which is ‘Vinsomke’ because of which Sanji and Ceaser were missing.

Now in chapter 813 we got shocking revelation of what happened to Sanji and Ceaser and we also got to know that Sanji’s marriage is fixed with Big Mom’s daughter due to close relations of Sanji’s family with Big Mom. Taking all that into consideration i began to think that it might be possible that Sanji’s Vinsmoke family might be related to Government and there were pretty convincing theories behind that and now also my thinking might not change but i would like to mention the reason why i think Sanji’s family might be related to Government.

One Piece Chapter 814
One Piece Chapter 814

Number 1 – They were able to change Sanji’s wanted poster from Dead or Alive to Only Alive. I don’t think that’s possible to do it unless you have connections in the government. Even if you throw mountains of money changing wanted poster from ‘Dead or Alive’ to ‘Only Alive’ is not possible and even if they did they might have to give the reason to their superiors from changing the tag to Only Alive from Dead or Alive.

Number 2 – Government is taking action and goes against Yonko’s. But Big Mom is not involved in that, Big Mom and kaido both have connections in underworld but Government only takes action against kaido and not Big Mom. That’s because i think the Vinsomke family and Big Mom’s family might have friendly and close relation and since Vinsomke family might be related to government and is pretty big deal because even Brook got chills by just hearing the name of Vinsmoke family, its possible that Big Mom is using that relation as a protection for herself.

Number 3 – The reason why i think Big Mom has close and friendly relations with Vinsmoke family because today in chapter 814 it was revealed that Vinsmoke is a family of Assassins and they also have connections in underworld and are well known there. Its possible that somehow Big Mom and Vinsmoke became close friends and years later this marriage was decided all because of the close relationships between two families. And Vinsmoke family might be the one behind the ‘Cipher Pol’ all divisions, since Cipher Pol since Cipher Pol is full of Assassin’s and Spies.

One Piece Chapter 814 – How this might affect the future of strawhats?

Now that the marriage is decided and Nami has told everyone the situation in today’s chapter 814. Luffy decided to ask Sanji itself the reason for leaving which might sooner or later going to end up as ‘Crashing the party.’ So if we consider the thing that Luffy picked fight with Big Mom and they even have to deal with kaido there are three things which are predictable at the moment.

Number 1 – Sanji might go against everyone and will join Luffy to take on Vinsmoke family and Big Mom.

Number 2 – Sanji might bring Big Mom’s daughter with him and will then join Luffy to take on Vinsmoke family and Big Mom.

Number 3 – Strawhats and Law Pirates will join forces with Big Mom and Vinsmoke family to take on Kaido and then Luffy will take on Big Mom and Vinsmoke family in which Sanji will join strawhat.

Either of these three things can happen out of which Number 1 and 3 predictions has majority of chance to succeed! and if that happens Strawhat’s bounty will grow with leaps and bound because no matter what happen Luffy will take down two yonkos out of four. Because of which the power balance will get a great shift and Government will take its guard and will increase the priority on Strawhats, Its also possible that Luffy and Law might become ‘New Yonko’ in place of Big Mom and Kaido in order to bring the power balance back but considering Luffy’s personality its possible that he might not take the position of Yonko or rather might be forced to do it which he obviously don’t like.

So there is one more possibility and that is Luffy and his crew will fight with Vinsmoke family and Big Mom and since Luffy don’t want to become a Yonko he might become friends with Big Mom after acknowledgement of both the leaders and because of friendship Big Mom will give Mermaid Island under Luffy’s control and then her crew might team up with Luffy’s crew in order to take out Kaido and after taking out Kaido, Law will take his place. Later on Big Mom’s daughter will stick to Sanji and will be determined to marry him, this is just like how Boa Hancock stick to Luffy.

Anyways, these are my predictions for future One Piece chapters and do share the opinion of what you think about it!

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