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One piece Luffy’s Gear Fourth Review – Episode 726

One Piece - Gear Fourth

The most awaited episode of One Piece in which Luffy finally unleashes his Gear Fourth is now finally here! And its epic like no other! For those who haven’t watched the episode yet. Please don’t read the below post as it may be spoiler for you. The Episode number is 726 and its available on every Anime streaming site in English sub.

One Piece Episode 726 Gear Fourth Review

One Piece - Nightmare Luffy
One Piece – Nightmare Luffy

Since past month or you can say ever since Luffy started fighting Doflamingo, every one was hyped and waiting for Luffy’s new transformation of G4. Since Oda already hinted the posibility for G4 during ‘Thriller Bark’ arc by making Luffy into ‘Nightmare Luffy.’

The power was achieved because Luffy was stuffed with ‘100 Shadows’ that Shichibukai Moria collected. And now we finally got to see the real thing today. So lets see how it works.

Gear Fourth complete transformation

The transformation G4 is not different from ‘Gear third’ (G3) in G3luffy bites his thumb to inflate himself, whereas in G4 luffy bites his entire arm. The only difference is that luffy clads his arm in the color of armament haki.

As a result he inflates, his stance reminds me of Jiraya’s stance from Naruto, But originally Oda made them based on the guardian gods from ancient Buddhist scriptures and the way he speaks in G4 also changes.

Gear Fourth Transformation
Gear Fourth Transformation

Well keeping that point aside, the G4 has varieties of attacks, meaning its not just stretching and punching, We get to see the results of what will happen when luffy completely masters his devil fruits ability.

Gear Fourth Explained

As i said G4 has varieties of attacks and its not just stretching and punching. Because he bites on his entire arm cladded in color of armament haki his body inflates and the armament haki almost takes over his entire body resulting in bouncy nature. That’s why the G4 was named as ‘Bounce Man.’ More over he can’t walk or run in that state the only way he can control is movement by bouncing continuously. This may feel like a disadvantage for luffy but its completely opposite. In G3 luffy had power but not speed and i thought that as a biggest advantage. Now in G4 luffy can maintain both power and speed because of his bouncy nature. He bounces his legs so fast as a result that gives him swift mobility more over 70% of his body cladded in armament haki, results in increase in tension of his skin as a result he can use his body parts as spring. So he literary brings ‘Bellamy’s Spring Ability’ into his devil fruit on the state of G4.

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But its more than meets the eye, Luffy can continuously stretch his body parts no matter how long the enemy runs. Well isn’t that awesome!! Well yeah it is, but it looks like this new G4 is still incomplete and why is that? well read below…

Why Gear Fourth is still incomplete?

From what i saw in episode 726, Though Gear Four is awesome, but it looks like it puts strain on luffy’s body!

How is that possible?

He is forcibly changing his body into spring and bring spring-like ability to is ‘Gomu gomu no mi’ which original ability is to stretch.

As a result of that spring ability his body undergoes through incredible amount of stress and pain. Its like using Gear second and third together (like he did in thriller bark arc). So there must be a limit to G4 usage. And because of this G4 looks like a forbidden technique he shouldn’t use on a regular basis. That’s why G4 is still incomplete.

Will luffy ever master the Gear Fourth?

Well i don’t think Oda will sit quite and keep luffy as it is. There are still many more strong enemies that luffy will face eg :- Four emperors also known as Yonko and for that he has to be stronger. So its possible that we would definitely see the Complete G4.

Anyways with G4 in action, I would finally like to declare that the lost hype of One Piece is back!! I Missed You So Much one Piece!!!!!

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