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Psycho love comedy light novel review

Psycho Love Comedy

Psycho love Comedy – Recently i have been reading a lot of light novels, so am planning to review every single one i have read. So today i will review Psycho love comedy. As the name suggest its light novel nesting inside the genre of ‘Romantic comdey.’ Speaking of Romantic comedy, whenever someone talk about this genere all that comes to their mind are all romantic anime series with comedy and harem.

While this is a light novel related to Romantic comedy but it has romantic comedy like no other. Psycho love comedy is story about a crazy romance like you have never seen before


Sentenced on false charges, Kamiya Kyousuke was forced to enroll in the “Purgatorium School of Rehabilitation” where juvenile convicts are gathered. His surroundings include pretty girls with beautiful legs or fluttering hair…

But they are actually convicted murderers. Attracting extra attention in school as the special ‘Mass Murderer of Twelve’, Kyousuke is also drawing the advances of the unidentified gas mask-wearing beauty with the giant rack, Hikawa Renko. In order to graduate safely, will Kyousuke be able to resist temptation laced with death!?

Winner of the Excellence Prize in the 14th Enterbrain Entertainment Awards.

Every single classmate is a murderer. LOVE=KILL!The deeper the love, the greater the risk of death, a hardcore romantic comedy!! Let the lessons begin!

(Source – Baka Tsuki)

Psycho Love Comedy Review

Since its a light novel, i would describe the story in little depth before starting the review – The story is about the protagonist Kamiya Kyousuke who has aura of ordinary student and nothing special. His grades are ordinary, His appearance is ordinary and he is also ordinary in athletics. Well even if he scores a hatrick in ordinary genre he is not that ordinary in fact he is strong in fight and often beats up hooligans if they ever tried to do something to his sister Kamiya Akaya. One day Kyousuke got into another such incident, he fought with 12 hooligans and beat them all and went home but soon he was termed as a ‘Mass murderer’ of 12 people whom he beat up earlier. Shocked of false charges, Kyousuke soon got arrested and admitted in a “Purgatorium School of Rehabilitation”. The school is full of beautiful teen girls but these beautiful girls are the girls who committed murders in past so basically its  a school for all Juvenile criminals who committed murders. For them Kyousuke is like a celebrity because he was charged for mass murder of people he never killed and got a nickname as ‘Mass murderer of 12.’ But despite having a tough personality when it comes to fight, Kyousuke is actually scared like hell of the school he is in.

Psycho love comedy has story that no other romantic comedy has, a quite unique story which keeps reader glued to the light novel despite being in the text format. The disappointing thing is that its pretty underrated and less people know about it. We actually get to see how a guy who’s godly strong in street fights who is actually scared tries hard to maintain his composure in front of real criminals who have committed murder.

More over bunch of girls in the school have fallen in love with Kyousuke because he is ‘Mass murderer of 12 people’ in fact because of the nickname he attracts special attention. Being in love with any of the girl in school means being closer to death and Kyousuke actually want to get away from this freakishness and hopes to graduate safely.

I don’t know how this light novel didn’t make it till Anime adaption. Without a doubt the plot of this light novel series is quite unique for Anime. And despite being funny this light novel can be dark at the same time which is a good thing for Anime. Though the story has a feel of Deadman wonderland because both the protagonist were accused of false charge of Mass murdering people but its completely different considering the point that ‘Igarashi Ganta’ was weakling who grew stronger in prison in Psycho love comedy its quite opposite. Here ‘Kamiya Kyousuke’ is a strong guy being scared of real criminals. Anyways, getting Anime adaptation or not doesn’t change the fact that this is the craziest light novel i have ever read!

Wrapping Up

Well guys this light novel is definitely a fun read and i would recommend everyone to read this novel. Although it would have been more fun if the light novel got Anime adaptation.

Rating – 9.5/10

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Overall Rating

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