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DBZ Super or Dragon Ball Super Finally moving in right direction

Dragon Ball Super

Ever since Dragon ball Super or DBZ Super started we were surviving through annoying Flashbacks of Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection of F. With story changed so drastically and with a crappy animation everyone was like hating the new series Either way we now are free from those stupid flashbacks and are finally moving to the real story-line of the DBZ Super that we were originally supposed to see.

Note : I seriously like the original movies better than the flashback episodes shown in the Dragon Ball Z

What is the Original Story of DBZ Super is really like?

If you guys have been following the Manga then, you must have a little idea of what the story is like but for those who are not looking at Manga even a bit, let me tell you the story is something which is really suitable to the Dragon Ball world and of course a story that is written and illustrated none other than over beloved ‘Toriyama Akira’ sensei.

DBZ Super
DBZ Super

I won’t go deep into the story since it would be like telling spoilers to people who don’t know anything about Dragon Ball Super Manga.

01. New universe and New God of Destruction!

In Dragon ball super – New god of destruction comes to our universe (the universe that Goku and Vegeta stays in) and challenges to Beerus.

02. New planet size Dragon Balls and that too ‘Nine’ in total!

The new universe from which the other God of destruction came, There are total ‘Nine’ dragon balls in another universe and they are big as planet.

03. More characters from Saiyan and Freeza’s breed!

The new universe have more Saiyans and people from Freeza’s breed!

04. Inter-galactic tournament?

Apparently there is inter-galactic world martial arts tournament in which ‘Team beerus’ which includes Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo and few new characters will fight with ‘Team champa’ the other God of destruction whose team includes a Saiyan, a Freeza look-alike and other new characters.

Final opinion on DBZ Super

The real Dragon Ball Super sounds interesting, the only thing i hope that the animation studio won’t bring us down with a crappy animation like they did with the starting episodes of Dragon Ball Super. And now we can finally say that DBZ Super is moving on towards correct direction!

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