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Welcome to NHK Anime Review

Welcome to the NHK

Today in my Anime recommendations post i wrote that welcome to NHK is so awesome Anime that few lines of quick review won’t be enough to describe its awesomeness and how fantastically good this Anime is. So i promised that i will soon write a brief review on the Anime series.

Anyways, if you guys are interested in checking out the ‘The Top 10 Anime recommendations post then you are free to do it!

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Welcome to NHK Synopsis

Satou Tatsuhiro, 22 years old, thinks that everything that happens around him is a conspiracy. He even figured out who is behind it all: The NHK, an evil secret company.

“When you think anime, you think otaku. When you think otaku, you think people that dislike other people. Those people become hikikomori (people who shut themselves in)”. So Satou manages to uncover the plot of The NHK (stands for Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai), after three years of shutting himself in (and rapidly approaching the fourth).

In reality, he is nothing more than a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), desperately in need of a cure from that “disease”. He wants to break out from the curse, but going out and getting a job is frightening enough for him. That is until he gets selected for a “project”; it is a plan to help hikikomori like him in facing the reality of this world.

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Welcome to NHK Anime Review

Welcome to NHK is basically a story about a 22 years old young man who is NEET i.e No education, employment or training and a shut in, also known as hikikomori. He thinks that being a NEET and Shut in is no good for him anymore. So he is trying his best to get out of that deep pit he dug for himself and struggling to find a motivation that will get him on the right track. His friends are always there for him and usually seem to want the best for him.

Welcome to NHK
Welcome to NHK

For me this series was emotionally gripping on so many levels, at some point i glued to my seat to that extent that i forgot to do my assignments. I also ended up rooting for main character so many times, that i literary screamed, “You can do it!”

I watched the series, with an empathy as i watched the Main character making nothing but mistakes. I was like speaking the words out loud, “Not this, You should do this instead.” You will be surprised of how much you get wrapped inside the world of Main character ‘Satou.’


The Animation is good and gives you the realistic feeling, which suits each and every scene. The Animation in fact acts as a catalyst because of which viewers get wrapped inside the world of Main character.

Wrapping up the review

To be honest, I will encourage any Anime fan to watch this Anime or will recommend people to watch this Anime who have lost the motivation to do something.

Life is not easy, there are many ups and downs, sometimes it can be extremely good and sometimes it can be extremely unfair more over we make mistakes that will make others angry or laugh at us because of which we may be embarrassed. But that’s not the reason to give up! We have to held our-self up and keep moving forward. That’s what this Anime managed to teach me!

Overall Rating

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