World of Dance 2016 Fik Shun goes Naruto Style

World of Dance 2016 Hawaii – Naruto has once again confirmed its astounding world wide popularity. With Manga ending after giving 72 volumes of never forgettable epic story and two amazing final films “The Last – Naruto The Movie” and “Boruto – Naruto The Movie” it still remains in the hearts of people

Although no one would have ever expected that one day Naruto will receive such kind of epic and amazing tribute.

World of Dance 2016 – Fik Shun Epic Naruto Dance

World of Dance - 2016 Fik Shun
World of Dance – 2016 Fik Shun : Credits – World of Dance

At world of dance 2016 Hawaii, One of the greatest and 0ne of my favorite dance Fik Shun gave an unforgettable tribute to Naruto by performing on the themes of Naruto.

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