Akiba business school

Akiba Business School for Japanese Pop Culture to Open in Akihabara

Akiba business school, a school where Japanese people will study – How to be an Idol, Cosplayer or Doujinshi Artist is finally opening in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, Which is it’s main pop-culture shopping district. Akiba Business School – What do we know? It’s been confirmed that “Tokyo school of Anime” which trains student interested in

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Bakuman – An anime series for every anime fan and otaku

Bakuman is one of the hidden gems of the Anime world. Because it’s everything what Anime fan seeks. Each and everyone of us respects and loves Anime but hardly handful of people are aware of the efforts taken while making Anime. Bakuman is the Anime which manages to teach us everything there is to the

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Phantasy star online 2 the animation

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation episode 1-7 impressions

Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation is another under rated series of the year 2016 after Reikenzan Hoshikuzu tachi no utage, Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation also known as PSO2 the Animation is the series which is adapted from the game. The game has a completely original story which takes place on Earth in

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Kindaichi case files vs detective conan

Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Who’s better?

Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Kindaichi case files and Detective Conan the two long running Anime series belonging to the same genre but majority of people favor Detective Conan rather than favoring Kindaichi case files. So i took the chance to watch and compare both the series and i must admit that Kindaichi

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Top 30 Anime Movies

Top 30 Anime Movies that you must watch!

Top 30 Anime Movies – Anime movies are something which are a must watch thing, if you’re an Otaku just like me. These movies gives viewers some really great content that’s only one or two hours long but it’s content that lives forever in your heart. Today in this article we are going to list

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One Piece film gold

One Piece film Gold Character’s costumes revealed!

One Piece film Gold is the upcoming new One Piece film of the based on the popular Manga series One Piece and it’s the new Movie of the One Piece after One Piece film Z. While the overall plot of the is still not revealed but the official website of the movie has took the

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