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Active Raid: Anime with full fledged police mecha action

Active Raid

Active raid is one of the most epic Anime of 2016 among, its a futuristic police story with a full fledged mecha action. Well how can i describe the series in one sentence? If you’ve watched “You’re under arrest” a classic Anime of 90’s then i will say that this Anime is similar to that 90’s classic with more intense story and mecha action and awesome characters.

Active Raid – Synopsis

Active Raid takes place in a future with advanced technology, particularly a system known as ACTIVE (Armored Combined Tactical Intelligence Vanguard Elements). Due to the abundance of crime around the world, police forces begin to use ACTIVE technology along with powered armor mobile suits known as Will Wears. The series focuses on one such police Unit in Japan known as Unit 8.

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Active Raid – Review

Active Raid Anime has something that forces people to watch it thoroughly and that’s probably it’s intense mecha action. For a complicated setting, the plot of this Anime is quite simple, the source of excitement and thrill are – All high-tech gears and transport system that are showed in the Anime and the mecha fights as i mentioned earlier. The story despite having potential i think it’s wasted for no reason and i basically need to tell you or give you a bit of in-depth explanation of why i am thinking like this :-

Active Raid
Active Raid

As mentioned in the above plot the story focuses on a Unit in japan known as Unit 8. Unit 8 is accomplished group of officers who handle their missions very well with a great success rate the only problem is that every time they complete a mission they end up destroying public properties because of which lot of people are revolting and criticizing them instead of praising their efforts. So Japanese government takes action to know their true value, so if they turned a total waste then Unit 8 will be shut down but if they are any good government will keep it Active and make some changes and for that they send a new officer to keep watch on them, which is also the Main character of this series and her name is Kazari Asami.

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Kazari Asami despite being new is an aspiring officer determined to changed the entire ACTIVE project of Japan.  In the mean time we also see that some shay organizations are purposely targeting the Unit 8 because of which all difficult raids come across Unit 8. Well i guess we certainly discovered why the Anime’s name is active raid. On the other hand Kazari Asami tries her best to control the public property destruction caused by the raids that are handled by Active raid – Unit 8 but all her efforts turns useless at the end of the each episode and that’s all is happening nothing new.

Active Raid - kazari
Active Raid – kazari Asami

Active raid has covered total 5 episode of the series and have still time left to cover their mistakes because we still its still not cleared why these shady organizations or you can say terrorists only targeting Unit 8. Until now this series is only a simple police story handling crimes done by some specific organization which is acting as antagonist of this series. The only difference is that the story is set in the future and it contains high-tech intense mecha action.

There is one thing that i espcially didn’t like about this Anime and that is the MC or the Main character is too annoying, she is probably the second “Himeragi Yukina” (Himeragi Yukina – Strike the blood lead female character), if you have watched “Strike the blood” Anime then you probably know what i am talking about. Well but atleast she didn’t say “Senpai” all the time. Considering the fact that Anime has till lot of episodes to cover we may see some major events in the near future!

Active raid – Animation

Active Raid
Active Raid – Will wear

All i can say a perfect Animation, not a single word to complain. The light balance, color balance and the over all quality, everything is just perfect when it comes to Animation. Also not to forget the character design is fabulous and quite mature, Well mature because Kazari Asami is still a minor but by her looks she doesn’t look like that.

Active raid – Opening and Ending

The opening and ending are not that bad but this time i don’t know why whichever new Anime i watched in 2016 has awesome background sound to support each and every scene and that’s same thing is with active raid. Looks like this time the Animators in Japan are spending their quality attention to the background sounds of the Anime. Well background sound is sure one of the plus point to bring out the emotions from the Anime. With appropriate background sound on the appropriate scene the viewers will sure get excited!

Wrapping up

The overall opinion of mine on the Active raid Anime is – That this Anime is certainly not the best Anime of 2016, depending upon the quality of story which is still yet to reveal in the upcoming episode we might see the changes in the rankings of the Anime

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