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Akiba Business School for Japanese Pop Culture to Open in Akihabara

Akiba business school

Akiba business school, a school where Japanese people will study – How to be an Idol, Cosplayer or Doujinshi Artist is finally opening in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, Which is it’s main pop-culture shopping district.

Akiba Business School – What do we know?

It’s been confirmed that “Tokyo school of Anime” which trains student interested in Voice Acting, Figure designs, Anime creation, Anime business, Sound engineering, will be opening it’s sister school or you can say a spin off school in Tokyo’s Akihabara district which will train students who completed their high-school education, to make career in Japan’s pop culture!

The school will have six majors which includes – Anime producer, Anime event staff, Idol, Idol producer, Maid and Cosplay business and Doujinshi. The school will offer a lively school life with events like cosplay parties and festivals which are tailored to the student’s interest!

Moreover there will be clubs dedicated to Light rock music, Anime songs, Dubbing and it’s own idol groups Moe 7 and SCHOOOOL

Moe7 - Idol Group
Moe 7 – Idol Group


Schooool - Idol group
Schooool – Idol group

The Akiba business school is currently accepting application for four majors which you can see at their official website : Akiba School page, They are open to all genders and nationalities but the forms are in Japanese. The school will also hold information session at Tokyo school of Anime in west kansai, On February 27 March 05, 12, 19. The school will open in April 2017

News source – ANN


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