Dragon ball Super Episode-29

Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 – Finally a Multi-Universe Tournament

With Dragon ball super episode 29. The story of the Dragon ball super is going in right path, Couple of days ago we talked about how the original story of Dragon ball really is and how epic it is. If you’re interested in reading that article click on this link – Dragon Ball Super is finally moving in right path


Champa visits Beerus’ planet and wonders who Goku and Vegeta are, thinking they are new students. Vados explains to Goku and Vegeta that Champa is Beerus’ twin brother and is the God of Destruction from the sixth universe. Champa tells Whis to wake up Beerus for a duel of foods. Champa and Beerus exchange foods and wonders where Beerus got his delectable from and was told that he received it from Earth. Champa tries to remember if his universe had an Earth but asks Vados to search for it, in which she did. Vados explains to everyone that their universe has an Earth but the Earthlings are extinct due to a war. Champa then challenges Beerus in a sixth and seventh universe invitational tournament of five warriors from their universes and the winner has the seventh universe’s Earth.

Champa explains to Beerus if he won, he will use the Super Dragon Balls to switch Earths. However, if Beerus wins, Champa says he will give Beerus the balls but the last one is for him to find.

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Dragon ball super episode 29 review

So finally Dragon ball super has a new plot that everyone wanted for a long time! Tired of flashbacks this ‘Champa saga’ finally came as savior now all that remains is – Not screwing up with the Animation.

Well that is the story of later, but the most epic scene in the dragon ball super episode 29 was to actually see the ‘Super dragon balls’ in the previous episode 28 these balls were described as that they are big as planet and it was quite a sight to see them in the form of Animation.

Dragon ball Super Episode 29
Dragon ball Super Episode 29 – Super Dragon Balls

As you can see in the image above these are the super dragon balls and they are 100 times bigger than the earth itself. Moreover you can just feel how powerful these dragon balls itself to the likes of Beerus and Champa, I mean not only they are big but their wishes can be more powerful and can be of more greater levels.  So Vados and Champa travel to a barren planet with out any life forms, and prepare the place for tournament. Vados power is especially get a brief intro in this episode, She creates tournament ring and even creates seat for spectators, banners and food stalls all with her power alone on top of that she even places a powerful barrier over the arena so the energy attacks won’t destroy the super dragon balls. Well if you think it was awesome when ‘Cell’ created entire arena, just see how Vados does it. Cell looks pale in front of her, She even creates atmosphere in the barrier so that people will be able to breathe.

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As Vados and Champa prepares for the tournaments, On the other hand Beerus Goku, Vegeta and Whis decides to head back to earth so they can ask Bulma to find the last super dragon ball that Champa failed to collect. Upon reaching earth they tell Bulma about their situation and she is pretty shocked to see what Goku and Vegeta has got themselves into, But she helps them in their situation and suggest to summon one and only our beloved ‘Shenron’ the earth’s dragon and ask him to find the last super dragon ball but they soon find out that shenron power is futile and can’t fulfill their wishes. Beerus tells shenron to ‘Go Away’ as he is not helpful and that was pretty funny but Goku made me laugh more saying that he forgot to wish King kai and his friends back to life. We see a scene where King kai is disappointed.

Bulma creates a new dragon radar to find the last super dragon ball, since the old radar is not suitable for the Job. On the other hand Beerus and Whis go to search a fighter named ‘Monaka’ and apparently he is even stronger than Goku and Vegeta and Beerus acknowledge him as the strongest fighter he has ever fought. Beerus tells Vegeta and Goku to choose rest of the remaining fighters.

We also got a surprising revelations, Apparently Bulma had a sister named ‘Tights’ well that was shocking right but it makes even more funny that Goku and Vegeta didn’t know that Bulma had a sister Well we all thought that at least Vegeta knew, but he didn’t so that was more funny to know!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 29
Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Bulma’s Sister Tights

The above image you see is Bulma’s Sister “Tights,” Anyways Tights give Bulma Jaco’s number because she want Jaco’s ship, Tights new Jaco from years which was surprising at first but later i found that Akira Toriyama had made a side Manga which shows Tights and Jaco’s adventure together.  Although this was our first introduction to Tights the impression was she looks good for her age but when compared to Bulma, Bulma looks more better. So Tights ring up Jaco and tells the situation and he eventually agrees to let them use his ship.

Wrapping up the review

The new episode was not about fight, it was about character building and story building but was fun and interesting to watch. Also the next episode looks good as we see Piccolo and Gohan training once again!

The Overall Anime Rating

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