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Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Who’s better?

Kindaichi case files vs detective conan

Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Kindaichi case files and Detective Conan the two long running Anime series belonging to the same genre but majority of people favor Detective Conan rather than favoring Kindaichi case files. So i took the chance to watch and compare both the series and i must admit that Kindaichi is better than Conan. To explain my reasoning behind this decision i will review both the series step by step so it will become easier to understand.

Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Story

Detective Conan’s Story – Shinichi Kudo is a high school student but he’s smart enough to be a high school detective who solves the toughest murder cases and crimes that even “Police Detectives” can’t solve. Keeping Sherlock Holmes as his  idol Shinichi continues to solve crimes but one day he notices shady deal of some organization and while recording evidence for it he is attacked by an accomplice. Instead of killing him they give him a special drug by taking this drug his body will disintegrate and vanish as if never existed but his body get shrunken to the size of the kid because of the drug being in incomplete state. Shinichi decides to change his name from Shinichi Kudo to Conan Edogawa so it will look like Shinichi Kudo is dead and decides to pursue the organization in order to catch them and get his body back to normal.

Kindaichi case file’s Story : Kindaichi Hajime a normal high school kid who looks dumb but he is not in fact he is the smartest kid ever. Kindaichi encounters many crimes and murder cases and solves them by keeping his grandfather as his inspiration and idol who was once a great detective in the past.

Kindaichi case files vs Detective Conan : Review

Now if you read the above two synopsis it becomes clear that Detective Conan has more catchy story, because of which it indirectly gives a promise to provide solid content, Unlike Kindaichi Case files who’s overall story is quite simple and doesn’t have anything you can call interesting. But why Kindaichi case files is better than Detective Conan?

Level of hiding things

Detective Conan is certainly a story around a boy who solves crimes, so being a detective story it’s obvious that each and every episode will have a different story, a different crime and crime scene. And because being a long running series it’s hard to maintain the level of mystery in the story because of which the content become predictable. But it’s ok if something like this happens occasionally right? but majority of the episodes in Detective Conan are predictable. This is because the number of suspects in each and every episode and case is quite low i.e one or two.

Kindaichi case files vs detective conan
Kindaichi case files vs detective conan

Kindaichi Case files have similar conditions as detective conan i.e it’s long running series and has a detective story and each and every episode has different case but it manages to maintains the mystery of the episode majority of times and tries to keep the level of predictability low and it does that by making every character a suspect for the crime that occurred in the particular episode. Because of which the case becomes unpredictable and the show does that right from the episode first.

Story is the Major problem for detective conan but for Kindaichi case files it’s quite opposite

Detective Conan has a goal, The Main character wants to get his body back and catch the people from the organization. So the story and the long running streak is actually a drawback for the series because the level of excitement and curiosity decreases after you watch the series for quite a long time. Moreover the series belong to the Mystery genre in which brain is more important and the long running streak makes it even worse, If the series was action packed then the case would be different. Now the series seems nothing rather than a material that’s just being stretched out.

Kindaichi Case files on the other hand has quite a simple plot and has no particular goal, so the author can introduce the major event and end it anytime he wants and he can introduce as many major events he wants, he doesn’t have to keep the story attached to one particular goal.

Kindaichi case files vs detective conan
Kindaichi case files vs detective conan

What i mean is because Detective Conan has a certain goal and that is to stop organization and get his body back, if author wanted to show something major he can only show related to the organization, author can’t introduce another villain and even if he did he will show that villain related to organization. Kindaichi case files doesn’t have any goal so author can introduce any villain and show something major happening around and once he feel that he doesn’t need this villain he can discard that villain if he want to do so and introduce a new one.

For everyone and Not for everyone

Detective Conan is a show which is adjusted for everyone i.e Audience below 18 can also watch the show, the overall content being mature is adjust to suit everyone, the level of brutality is low which gives you less goosebumps. Kindaichi case files despite being available for everyone, the show and the overall content of the show is quite mature and grim. The murder cases are brutal and sad and will give you goosebumps.

Long cases and Short cases

Kindaichi case files have cases which can take up to 3-4 episodes. For example the case which started in episode 1 ends in episode 3. Because of which the viewers remains curious and will continuously feel “What will happen next?” “I will watch next episode, can’t wait to see what happens!”

Detective Conan on the other hand doesn’t have such long running episodes. Majority of cases in the series covers single episode only, so your curiosity runs out easily after you watched the series continuously for 2 or 3 weeks. As a result you will start skipping episodes and watch episodes which are important and interesting.

A centralized villain is not always good

Detective Conan has a centralized villain and that villain is the shady organization. Until now we have seen many members of that organization, but after all these years, we still don’t know who’s the boss of the organization. And since the series is a long running one, so author is forced to stretch the overall content by adding small cases. Because of which after a certain period of time you will start thinking “When will episode involving the organization will come, the show to bore the hell out of me.”As a result author can’t end the series unless and until he reveals each and everything about the shady organization. Moreover if a series has a centralized villain people wait for that curiously wait for evil character to reveal himself. And you know that will take your entire life!

Kindaichi case files on the other hand doesn’t have any centralized villain so author is free to add and discard as many villains as he wants, and can end the series by adding final villain whenever he wants to do so.

Wrapping up

I have been following Detective Conan and Kindaichi case files by comparing both the series i found that Kindaichi is better and exciting. All because of it’s maturity and level of unpredictability

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