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Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation episode 1-7 impressions

Phantasy star online 2 the animation

Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation is another under rated series of the year 2016 after Reikenzan Hoshikuzu tachi no utage, Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation also known as PSO2 the Animation is the series which is adapted from the game. The game has a completely original story which takes place on Earth in the near future.


The story of the series is revolving around the game Phantasy Star Online 2, which is crazy popular that even adults play it. A prestigious school decides to monitor the game fearing that the craze may affect the studies and overall grades of the students. For this job the school staff chooses student council president Izumi Rina, She asks Tachibana Mitsuki to become the Vice president of the student council and tells him to play PSO2 and write a detail report on the game and the overall experience. But as he plays the game he starts to understand that PSO2 is not a game…

Phantasy star online 2 the animation : Review

PSO2 The Animation is a series which gives you a realistic feel. That’s because whatever game-adventure based series we have seen are all based on the concept of virtual reality. We don’t usually see a series based on Online game where people play the game on their PC or PSP and interact with each other through normal chats and complete the quests like a real life gamer would do. If you try to do that the series would become boring or it would be to hard to make the series interesting, Well this was the usual mindset of the people.

Phantasy star online 2 the animation - Tachibana mitsuki
Phantasy star online 2 the animation – Tachibana mitsuki

The Makers of Phantasy star online 2 The Animation has challenged that mindset, The have made the series where characters play PSO2 game using their PC and PSP like a normal human being do, interact with each other via chat systems and complete quests. In fact the game PSO2 is quite addictive. Tachibana Mitsuki a guy who can do anything is our main character goes to a prestigious high school, Teachers of that schools are worried about the addiction of the students to the game make affect the overall grades. So they ask student council president to provide the daily report about the game to the staff and if the game is having negative effects or not. Student council president Izumi Rina approaches Mitsuki for the help and asks him to become the vice president of the student council and play the game and write daily report on the game and his gaming experience.

Phantasy star online 2 the animation - Izumi rina
Phantasy star online 2 the animation – Izumi rina

Rina helps Mitsuki in the first stages of the game by hiding her identity and playing the game as male character “SORO.” Later a mystery girl joins the team and her name is Suzuki Aika. Mitsuki and Rina both continue to play the game and increase their levels. They meet lots of players in game and also meet them in real life. Suzuki Aika on the other hand never team up and always disappear whenever. Mistuki suspect something might be wrong but doesn’t pay attention until something unusual happens in episode 7. For now these are all the things which happens from episode 1-6, We see nothing interesting or unusual, While the realistic element is good thing but keeping Anime too much realistic is also not good, We need combination of realistic and fictional elements. Although during these episodes the story hints that some major incident will take place in the series and episode 7 gave the confirmation to all that hints. Well guys this means that Anime is finally getting a bit fictional.

Izumi Rina
Izumi Rina

Episode 7 was released today and it showed that the series is going to get awesome, Suzuki Aika is the girl that’s from the special force that stop the monsters from the game. PSO2 in reality is the another world which is terrorized by monsters, Aika is player who stop those monsters. Things get even worse when student council president Izumi Rina’s friend Mika gets trapped inside the game. Monsters kidnap Mika and locks her inside a cocoon it’s still unclear what they were trying to do. But Mitsuki and Rina goes to save her, monsters being too strong for them they get in trouble. In mean time Suzuki Aika tries to save Mika but is attacked by a monster, her colleague comes and saves her. Mitsuki notices her but Rina gets caught by a monster so he saves Rina by defeating the Monster. After that everyone goes back to the real world but it seems except for Mitsuki and Aika, everyone looses their memory. Mitsuki asks Aika the cause for this and what is actually happening over that Aika ignores him by saying that she was not playing game at that time.

Phantasy star online 2 the animation - Tachibana mitsuki
Tachibana mitsuki

During all these things one thing becomes clear that we would soon see some drastic events in the series. The six episodes were actually meant for building the story until now. Certainly those 6 episodes seem as slow starter but if the series shows promise and handles the further story well then i wouldn’t mind continuing the series. If they don’t handle the story well, despite generating all that hype during previous it would be pretty disappointing to see if the story continuing the same pace.

Character designs and Animations

The Animation of the series is balanced and has a different feel for each and every scenario. For example – When the characters in the Anime are playing PSO2 their avatar designs, fight scenes, background, Monster designs all have a bit of 3D feel to them. For reference you can see the game avatar for Izumi Rina and Tachibana Mitsuki which have a little 3D’ish feeling and take a look at their appearance outside the game you see the plain Animation. Character designs is pretty good, they kept it to realistic so that series can have a real feeling to it.


The Anime does have action since PSO2 is action game but it doesn’t focus on it that much. Lets say 5 or 2 minutes at the end of the episode is all the action you get. Although those fight scenes are worth watching because they are pretty cool.


There are few romantic moments in the Anime between Student council president Izumi Rina and Tachibana Mitsuki but we still haven’t seen much progress in that direction.

Wrapping up

My opinion about this series is 50-50. I can’t make a decision i.e whether i should continue the series or i should drop it because until 6 episode the series was pretty bore and slow. I felt the potential of the series is wasted. But the 7th episode showed tremendous amount of promise which forces me to continue the series. Either way the series is at such point where you can’t make any decision and can’t predict what will happen in future episodes, so it’s better to continue the series and hope for the best.

Tell me what is your opinion about the series, do you like it or not, how you felt and what you think about the overall episodes. You can also vote/rate for the series below!

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