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Top 10 Anime Characters who look young for their age Part 02

This is the second part of the series of Top 10 Anime characters who look young for their age, A couple of days ago we did the first series of Top 10 Anime characters who look young for their age.

If you’re interested in reading the first series, then here is the link for you guys – Top 10 Anime characters who look young for their age part 01. Now we will see the second lists consisting some more of yours and my favorite and interesting characters.

*List of Top 10 Anime characters who look young for their age*


1. Ajimu Najimi

Ajimu Najimi
Top 10 Anime characters – Ajimu Najimi

This girl from Medaka box is beautiful right but she is just more than that, Well anyways despite her cute and beautiful looks she is cunning and strong girl but her age might be more than enough to defeat anyone – She is 3.40 trillion old.

2. Old Supreme Kai

Old kai - DBZ
Top 10 Anime characters – Old kai – DBZ

This old kai might look old but his looks might be young if you consider this age – If the Supreme kai Shin is 5,000,000 years old and he looks like a 30 year old then that old kai is 13 generations older than Supreme kai Shin. If you calculate how long every kai lives then 13 generations is pretty big thing, if he wasn’t sealed he would have been a fossil.

3. Nyaruko

Top 10 Anime characters – Nyaruko

Don’t go for how cute she is thing – Because she is old as universe.

4. Death parade members

Death parade members
Top 10 Anime characters – Death parade members

They were here in this universe ever since death existed, Can’t say much after that. And if you don’t believe me just go and watch the Anime there is even proof given for their existence.

5. Sailor chibi moon

Sailor chibi moon
Top 10 Anime characters – Sailor chibi moon

Awwwww… isn’t she a cute little girl! Little girl how old are you? 900 years old uncle.. 900 years old.. WTH and why are you calling me uncle, Well that might be your reaction just now.

6. Seth Nightlord

Seth Nightroad
Top 10 Anime characters – Seth Nightroad

This cute guy from Trinity blood well he is the same age as above “Sailor chibi moon” or in fact even older and is of 966 years old

7. Krul tepes

Krul Tepes
Top 10 Anime – Characters – Krul Tepes

This cute Loli vampire from Owari no seraph Anime is 2,000 years old. Well what can you expect from vampire..

7. C.C

 Code Geass
Top 10 Anime characters – Code Geass

Though her name only contains initials, And she is quite young or look young but nobody is aware of her age. Why? because she is immortals and some immortals don’t like to speak about their age

8. Ash ketchum

Ash Ketchum
Top 10 Anime characters – Ash Ketchum

I guess he is so famous that he needs no introduction he is Ash Ketchum whose dream is to become pokemon master and since 1997 he is still not accomplished his dream in fact they are as it is and it even includes his age. He is been 10 years old since 1997. Even Brock, Misty looks older but this guy has not aged since the beginning.

9. Shinichi kudo a.k.a Conan Edogawa

Conan Edogawa
Top 10 Anime characters – Conan Edogawa

This guy is actually a high-schooler but he looks like elementary school kid and he is the same as Ash ketchum hasn’t changed anything!

10. Adolf K. Weismann

Adolf K Weismann
Top 10 Anime characters – Adolf K Weismann

Adolf K. Weismann the ‘Silver king’ also known as first king from ‘K -Progject’ is immortal king.

OK. That’s it for now, there will be more such post regarding this series in the future!

*End of the List for Top 10 anime characters *

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