Top 10 Anime Characters who look young for their age Part 01

Top 10 Anime Characters – Anime is something that entertain us but despite of its purpose of entertainment there are lots of rule that sometime a person has to follow them at any cost and the popularly known yet one of the most common rule is – “Don’t Judge a Character based on their looks.” So abiding that rule today in this post we will see Top 10 Anime Characters who looks young for their age.

Top 10 Anime characters who look young for their age part 02

*List of Top 10 Anime Characters who looks young for their age*

1. Tsunade

Top 10 Anime Characters – Tsunade

Despite her looks she is the women in her 50’s, Well that’s what Naruto mentioned to Shikamaru in the first Anime series of Naruto , So if we follow Naruto’s timeline and if we consider the fact that in “The last Naruto The Movie” we saw Tsunade and she was young as ever.

Top 10 Anime Characters - Tsunade
Top 10 Anime Characters – Tsunade

In the last chapter of Naruto Manga which is Chapter 700. Tsunade was shown with other 3 Kages (Since Garra is still young) so excluding Garra, except of Tsunade the other 3 were looking old.

2. Orochimaru

Top 10 Anime Characters – Orochimaru

Naruto is famous for their ever lasting young characters, While Tsunade is Number 1 then of course Number 2 will go to Orochimaru. Just like Tsunade he likes to Maintain forever young look although his motive is completely different. What i mean is Tsunade don’t like other people calling her granny that’s why she maintains young look. While Orochimaru is searching for ultimate power and immortality that’s why he looks young and on top of that he can also change genders.

3. Bulma

Bulma -Dragon Ball Super
Top 10 Anime Characters – Bulma

Now if we consider the original Dragon Ball time line, When Bulma and Chi-chi first met when they were kids. Bulma were 9 year older than Chi-chi, Since Chi-chi was of same age as Goku i.e 7 years old so when you compare that to Bulma considering the 9 years of difference she was 16 years old. Assuming my Maths is correct Chi-chi should look younger in Dragon Ball Super but yet its the Opposite Bulma looks younger and younger for her age in Dragon Ball Super.

4. Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury
Top 10 Anime Characters – Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury from Anime gate – Well don’t go for her looks, despite of her looks she is over 900 years old basically a demi-god. Also we can’t overlook the fact that she is crazy strong.

5. Tuka luna marceau

 Tuka luna marceau
Top 10 Anime Characters – Tuka luna marceau

Another Character from Gate Anime and her name is Tuka luna marceau, she is elf and despite her look this girls over 150 years old.

6. Hika Seijuro

Hiko Seijuro
Top 10 Anime Characters – Hiko Seijuro

Hiko Seijuro this guy is a master swordsman from the Anime Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) also known as the 13th Successor of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and Teacher of Himura Kenshin. Despite his looks and well maintained body this guy is 40 years old. Considering the drawing and animation quality he may look perfect for the age, but according to other characters in the Anime he looks younger for his age.

7. Zeref Dragneel

Zeref Dragneel
Top 10 Anime Characters – Zeref Dragneel

Zeref Dragneel from Fairy tail is the handsome looking villain who is 400 years old because the guy is Immortal!!

8. Koenma

Top 10 Anime Characters – koenma

Koenma is from the Anime Yu Yu Hakusho who is toddler since 700 years and still haven’t grown much but his brain is Mature for his age! which makes him an experienced toddler.

9. Evangeline

Evangeline from negima
Top 10 Anime Characters – Evangeline

This is Evangeline from Negima Anime, though physically she looks like a 10 year old but in reality she is 700 years old, and that’s the same age as Koenma from Yu Yu Hakusho.

10. Ophis Ouroboros dragon

Top 10 Anime Characters – Ophis

Ophis from Highschool DXD is Ouroboros dragon whose age is still unknown but its speculated that she is living since 1000 years as even demon lord and other god knows her and fears by her name.

There is more to come, since Anime is full of such characters but since this is a Top 10 i would like to end the list here. But i would like you guys to suggest some more characters so that i can add them in my list and keep it ready for the next part.

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