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Top 6 One Piece Characters or Pirates based on real life

Red Haired Pirates

Top 6 One Piece Characters – We all know that One Piece is the Anime based on the era where seas was ruled by pirates. In those days pirates were the symbol of freedom and fear and most of the outlaws got into this pirate world just to earn money and freedom. The beloved One Piece Anime and Manga is based on that era but the overall view of that world completely differs from that of One Piece but still there are some characters from One Piece that are based on the real life and not only characters but places and island too! our world itself is a “Grand Line” there are so many unusual places and Oda researched those and used them in his story. So its like One Piece completely doesn’t cuts its readers from the reality but its just that most of them are not aware of these things. So in this post we will see Top 6 One Piece characters based on real life.

List of Top 6 One Piece characters based on real life


1. Blackbeard – Marshal D. Teach = Edward Teach

Marshal D Teach
Marshal D Teach and Edward Teach

Blackbeard is the most renowned real life pirate and his real name was “Edward Teach,” or “Edward Thatch.” He got his name Blackbeard because of his long black beard and was almost known as the Pirate king of his era especially known for his notorious reputation and was feared by many. His name is used in many stories and his character was especially shown in the game called “Assassin’s creed – Blackflag.” The epic showdown between Lieutenant Maynard and Blackbeard is still resounding throughout the history. Blackbeard especially liked to light matches sticking under his hat to look more fearsome. Because of this he was feared and his brutality became well known, so according to the information at the end of the fight Maynard cut off his head.

(Source – Wikipedia)

2. Jewelry Bonney = Anne Bonny

Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney and Anne Bonney

Jewelry Bonney is the another One Piece characters based on the real life pirate Anne Bonny. Though in One Piece the character is nick named as “Big eater” we still haven’t found out if she is fearsome or not, Unlike her real life counterpart who was no doubt one of the fearsome lady pirate of the seas. Just like Edward thatch or Edward teach her character was also showed in the game “Assassin’s creed – Black flag.” Anne Bonney was disowned by her father, and there is a story that because of that she burned or set fire to her father’s plantation in retaliation, but there is no evidence to support this incident. However, it is known that, some time between 1714 and 1718, she moved to Nassau, on New Providence Island, known as a sanctuary for English pirates called the Republic of Pirates. It is also said that many inhabitants received king’s pardon or escaped the law to live there. Anne Bonny used to dress like Man because it seems her father used to make her dress like that so he can hide her identity. There is no data or records of her death or execution.

(Source – Wikipedia)

3. Hyena Bellamy = Samuel Bellamy

Bellamy and Sam bellamy

The bellamy we know in One Piece is quite wild but his real life counterpart Samuel Bellamy or Captain Sam Black Bellamy was quite an inspiration when it comes to pirates. Apparently Sam Bellamy treated himself like a true gentleman and dressed up properly and carried himself like a proud and rich person. Forbes ranked him #1 in the list of wealthiest pirates of 1700’s. He was like i mean robin hood of his era despite being pirate and he bore hatred against Navy, especially British Navy because of their habit of pressing youths into service. Apparently it is also said that he apologized his fellow crew-mates for sinking the ship. Hard to imagine that Bellamy from One Piece will do such thing. He was also known as pirate of love. He had a girl he loved very much and her name was Maria, it is said that he was sailing to meet his lover where his ship “Whydah” sank in the sea because of storm. Years later i.e in our 21st century a treasure box consisting of silver was recovered from the wrecks of Whydah.

(Source – Wikipedia)

4. Bartholomew Kuma = Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Kuma
Bartholomew Kuma and Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Kuma in One Piece is a pirate who follows his strict moral code of honor and pride and he has great manners despite being a pirate, he even talk to his enemies with manners. Although his real life counterpart was not like that he was cold and calculating as well as had a courage to take on a ship with a superior firepower, and he never hesitated to fight opponents bigger than him. Which helped him to achieve record of plundering 400 ships. He was working as a slave on a ship which was later caught by pirates and after a mutiny he rose to become the captain of that pirate ship.  Unlike his One Piece counterpart Roberts was a classy dresser and went to battle wearing clothes filled with jewels.

(Source – Wikipedia)

5. Lafitte = Jean Lafitte

Lafitte - One Piece
Lafitte – One Piece and Jean Lafitte

These two characters match well, Real life Lafitte was a privateer or a government officer gone rogue, The Lafitte in One Piece was also a Police officer fired from the force for the use of excessive violence and then later on he gain the position of higher up in the Blackbeard Marshal D. Teach’s crew. The real life Lafitte was the same as his One Piece counterpart he started from the bottom rank and rose to become a captain of pirate ship.

6. Gold D. Roger = Olivier Levasseur

Gold D. Roger
Gold D. Roger and Olivier Levasseur

Who said Pirate king didn’t existed in real life One Piece’s Gold D. Rogers counterpart did exist and his name was Olivier Levasseur and he was pirate in early 1600’s – 1700’s he was known as La Buse (The Buzzard) or La Bouche (The mouth) just because of his reckless speed and ruthlessness he attacked his enemies with. He is also known to hide the biggest treasure ever seen in the pirate history which is estimated $1 Billion and have also left an encrypted map or cryptogram leaving the whereabouts.  And he is a pirate king of real life because he also said the same dialogue as Gold D. Roger before dying.

Legend tells that when he stood on the scaffold he had a necklace around his neck, containing a cryptogram of 17 lines, and threw this in the crowd while exclaiming:

“Find my treasure, the one who may understand it!” What became of this necklace is unknown to this day. Many treasure hunters have since tried to decode the cryptogram hoping its solution will lead to this treasure.

(Source – Wikipedia)

End of the list of Top 6 One Piece Characters based on real life

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