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Your are under arrest – The Classic Anime police story you should watch

You are under arrest

Classic Anime are in their league of their own, Nowadays there pretty rare Anime who can match that level of story quality. Since majority of Anime nowadays contains ecchi, If you’re looking for something inspirational and motivational which has mature characters  then classic anime genre is the only thing you should look for. There are many classic anime which i would like to recommend in near future but for now i would like to review this series called You are under arrest that i finished watching just today and would not mind watching it again and again.

Genre – Action, Adventure, Slice of life, Romance

You’re under Arrest – Synopsis

The story revolves around Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa, two female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the protagonists of the show as they are stationed at the fictional Bokuto Police Precinct located at Sumida, Tokyo. The series is largely episodic, and much of it focuses on the interaction between the main characters and the humorous supporting cast. The majority of the series take place in the Greater Tokyo Area. However, the site where the Bokuto Police Station is supposed to be does not exist in the Sumida Ward. In reality, the Bokuto Hospital takes its place.

(Source – Wikipedia)

You’re under Arrest – Review

The story depicts the daily life of police officers and the struggles they face for maintaining rules, Moreover the story’s focus is on the two main female protagonists Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa who belongs to traffic and road safety department. Who sometimes get involved into some pretty big deal incidents. Now you might say that the protagonists are female so it’s not a series worth watching, well but this is where most of the people regret. So what are the reasons that make this series worth watching? Well each episode consists of different story and the series has total 3 seasons and OVA and a Movie, so instead reviewing each and everything, i will be giving a brief overview of the series.

You are under Arrest
You are under Arrest

Number 1 – The two main girls or protagonists are the only badass female characters in the series not only they are badass but they do all the things that boys can do, in addition to being beautiful and girly. You can say that they are similar to Black widow from the Avengers series. For girls i bet these two will become idols of their dreams.

Number 2 – It’s clear how cool and epic the girls are but one thing that’s awesome about them is they love cars and bikes and are maniacs when it comes to these two things. For boys, especially, you will get to see many classic sports cars and bike in this Anime that you would really like to own for example Ducati 900 ss Bike and Lancia Delta car. In fact one of the main female protagonists Miyuki Kobayakawa is expert when it comes to car and bike mechanics modification. She modified her own patrol car. See the image below, you will understand what i am talking about!

You are under arrest
You are under arrest

These are the dialogue compilation from the episode 1 of the Anime “You are under Arrest” which clearly gives you a brief explanation on how much crazy Miyuki Kobayakawa is. Further more she expanded this crazy habit towards bikes too.

Number 3 – Good comedy, No i mean it seriously. The series focuses on daily life struggles of police officers but it beautifully delivers the punches of comedy that you won’t even notice it. Well how to put it.. It’s more like a Natural part of the series.

Number 4 – Light heart and cute love stories. Badass and tomboyish woman Natsumi Tsujimoto falling in love and the proposal, that’s the most cutest thing you will ever see in the series. On top of that Miyuki Kobayakawa’s crush on fellow colleague Nakajima and Nakajima’s crush on Miyuki. Both trying to confess their love to each other but could not do it. Well it’s so obvious that its almost impossible to say no to such romance.

Number 5 – The series delivers moral and life lessons perfectly which is enough for anyone to get inspired!!

Animation, Character Design and Sound

You are under arrest Movie
You are under arrest Movie

We got the 90’s Animation only in season 01 but the quality is good in season 02 and 03. I especially liked the character designs and the designs of cars and bikes.Regarding sounds – Opening and ending are not that good but i liked the background sounds. The classic 90’s rock music suit will for any epic scene in the Anime.

Wrapping up

If you’ve watched “Kochi Kame” Anime series then you might say that Kochi Kame and You are under arrest are kinda similar because both are “Police story.” I would say that it’s partially correct. Just like Gintama Kochi Kame focuses on the ‘Comedy’ more, although there are some serious episodes and some with feels but this Anime series contains balanced episodes. Not much comedy, Not much serious and emotional scenes. These kinds of factors are perfectly balanced and only appears when they need. So i would really suggest and recommend you to watch this series. For me it’s like a gem, A relic of past that can’t be valued or compared! because we are rarely getting such types of series nowadays.

The Overall Anime Rating


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