DAYS Soccer Anime

DAYS Soccer Anime First Official Teaser Cast and Staff

DAYS Soccer Anime – One of the upcoming new Anime of 2016 is “DAYS” an Anime based on soccer. While soccer is one of the most main stream sport on which Anime are made, the thirst for good soccer Anime on the level equal to Kuroko No Basket, Haikyuu, Diamond No Ace etc is still

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Izumi Reina

Musaigen No Phantom World Review – Exceptions vs Reailty

Musaigen No Phantom World Review – Its been quite a while since i wrote the first and the last impression on Musaigen No Phantom World Anime and the reason for that is – I wanted to the Anime to cover the entire story. So today the last episode of the series aired and my overall

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Gintoki Troll Face

Gintama Anime Teases its not over yet!!

Gintama Anime – Previously we informed you that Gintama Anime will come to end by the end of this month well guys yesterday the last episode of the Anime was aired yesterday and it teases that the Anime is not ending.. Was the previous news was just a troll or Gintama is taking break? Also

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One Piece Manga Enters ‘VS. Four Emperors Arc’ on April 4

One Piece Manga –¬†After the tremendous amount of surprising chapters which contained some important revelations one after the other the Manga is finally going to enter the arc filled with excitement. Yes! its time for Luffy and its crew to finally take down the “Four Emperors” ruling second half of the grand line. Along with

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Kiznaiver Anime

Kiznaiver – Everything we know about it!!

Kiznaiver – The official website of Kiznaiver began streaming two new video for the Anime that’s going to air on this upcoming Saturday. The first is the promotional video for the Anime which features opening and ending theme song. Opening theme song is “Lay your hands on me” by Boom Boom Satellites and the ending

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Shokugeki No Soma Season 2 PV Trailer, OVA and July Premier

Shokugeki No Soma Season 2 – Official website of ¬†“Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma” streamed PV trailer for its second season titled as – “Shokugeki No Soma – Ni No Sara.” also known as “Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma – The Second Plate.” The video confirms that the original cast of Shokugeki No Soma will

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