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Bakemono No Ko Movie Review – A must watch masterpiece

Bakemono No Ko

Bakemono No Ko Movie Review – “Bakemono No Ko” also known as “The boy and the beast” or “The child of the beast” is certainly a movie that’s in my Top 10 Anime movie list. To be honest, I’ve cried watching Anime series and Movies. But there are only few Movies and series which makes you cry and make place in the heart. And this movie certainly comes under that category.

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The story is set in the human realm (Tokyo’s Shibuya ward) and the bakemono realm (“Shibutenmachi”). In these two worlds which must not intersect, there lives a lonely boy and a lonely bakemono. One day, the boy gets lost in the bakemono world, becomes the disciple of the bakemono Kumatetsu, and is renamed Kyuuta.

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Bakemono No Ko Movie Review

The story of this movie is quite simple but that’s not a severe problem – “Ren” is the main character of the movie, His mother and father divorced due to some circumstances, after that his mom and her family took custody of him, but his mom dies in an accident. His mother’s family decides to take care of him but Ren decides to runaway from home and then he becomes a homeless and a lone child, but one day he meets a beast name “Kumatetsu” and follows him till he beast world. Where he decides to become the disciple of Kumatetsu.

Bakemono No Ko - Kumatetsu and Kyuuta
Bakemono No Ko – Kumatetsu and Kyuuta

The movie depicts the daily life of Kumatetsu and Ren (later renamed as Kyuuta because his age is 9). We see the daily life of human kid who tries to settle down in the beast world and train in “Swordsmanship and Kumite” under the guidance of the beast “Kumatetsu.” But despite it’s simple plot the movie manages to entertain viewers because the background nature of the story is warm and peaceful.

Whenever i watch Anime i always feel that Anime nowadays is lack something and that’s the peaceful feeling you get after you watch Anime movies like this one and other movies from “Studio Ghibli” and other production houses. Originally Anime were made for entertainment purpose but the old anime use to provide moral values, emotions and other necessary things. Nowadays Anime is focused majorly on fanservice, only few Anime series are capable of such feat.


Bakemono No ko certainly provide moral values, emotions despite having a simple story but as i said story is not a severe problem because the characters and their background masterfully blends in the story. In the movie both characters i.e Kumatetsu and Kyuuta (Ren) are alone from the start, When Kyuuta decides to become the disciple of Kumatestu he grows into a fine boy but at the same time Kumatetsu also changes. So we “Teacher” and “Student” learning from each other as the movie progresses. Which certainly do fits the dialogue said by “Kouetsuji Akisame” from “Histroy’s strongest desciple kenichi” – “A good teacher nurtures a good student, but a good student also nurtures a good teacher.” Well with the influence over each other Kumatestsu and Kyuuta’s relationship as a father child also grows as they slowly both start to care for each other.

Bakemono No Ko - Kyuuta
Bakemono No Ko – Kyuuta

The above review sums up the entire first half of the movie. But things start to change from the second half. Now that Kyuuta is a full grown 17 years old boy, He accidentally ends up in the human world once again! seeing that so much has changed in 8 years he decides to explore the world. He ends up in the library where he tries to read book but couldn’t read letters so well because he has not went to school in 8 years. There he a girl named “Kaede” the lead female character of the movie. She teaches him everything he needs to learn. Later he starts to think that “Is it possible for him to live a normal life?”

Bakemono No Ko - Animation
Bakemono No Ko – Animation

Kyuuta decides to live in human world but before that he needs to settle everything related to him, Kumatestu and his life with Kumatetsu and others in beast world.


Not much flashy action and the sword fight scenes in the movie are kept close to real. Also Actions scenes are extremely few but that doesn’t count as a negative point for the movie because the action is just there to support the overall story and the setting of the movie.

Animation and character design

Animation style is similar to that of “Studio Ghibli” although the movie is made by “Studio Chizu” but there are fe scenes which decides the difference in the Animation style of both the studios.  The characters designs looks like they are drawn using free hand drawing style. But it’s similar to the character design from the movie “The wind rises” which was done by “Studio Ghibli.”


Bakemono No Ko - Kyuuta and Kaede
Bakemono No Ko – Kyuuta and Kaede

No romance is shown between two male and female lead characters, In movie their relationship is limited to friendship but it does gives us the feel that they are falling in love with each other as the movie progresses.

Pros and Cons

Even though the Movie is a beautiful work but it does have it’s positive and negative side. Positive thing is the story is simple which despite having powerful characters and it completely suits them. During the time period of 1 hr and 58 min the story gets enough time to show the decent amount of character development. Negative thing is despite the beautiful piece of work the overall setting or the overall concept is pretty common. So you won’t get the feel of uniqueness or like there is something new. But the beautiful work done with movie makes it a masterpiece that you can remember!

Wrapping up

Overall the Movie is beautiful, at first you may feel that it’s action oriented movie with a powerful story-line all thanks to the way the characters look but in reality the movie is a beautiful work with a simple and peaceful story-line, which i would definitely recommend everyone to watch!

Overall Movie Rating


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