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Boruto Manga to debut on 9th May the sequel to Naruto series

Boruto Manga

Boruto Manga – While Kishimoto said he is done with Naruto, but it seems that his assistant has not given up on the story yet. In this year’s Jump Fest Kishimoto revealed that his assistant “Mikkie Ikemoto” is working on Boruto Manga series which will be the sequel to original Naruto Manga series and the story for the series will be written by “Ukyou Kodachi” the one who wrote “Gaara Hiden : Shingensou Novel” and co-operated with the screenplay of “Boruto Naruto the Movie.” And Kishimoto will acting as a supervisor for the new Naruto sequel. The new Manga will be focused on Naruto’s son Boruto and the rest of the next generation. He also said that he will be writing the One-Shot for the original Naruto series which will be released before the debut of the series.

Boruto Manga to debut on 9th May

After we got the news that – Sequel to the Naruto Manga series will be coming in 2016, We have been waiting for the debut date and looks like the wait is finally over the new sequel will make it debut in Shueisha’s Weekly shounen jump magazine on 9th May and the new chapter will run in the magazine once a month. Starting in this year’s 23rd issue!

Masashi Kishimoto’s One-Shot for the series will be published in this year’s combined 21st/22nd issue on the 25th April.

Bouto Manga - Countdown
Bouto Manga – Countdown

Shueisha also launched a countdown site for the new sequel, and just 2 days back crunchyroll reported that Shounen Jump and everyone is looking forward to the new sequel to make it’s debut.


We are all looking forward to the new Boruto Manga, after Boruto Naruto the Movie everyone wanted the story about the next generation and even the director of the Naruto shippuden told us that he will continue the Anime. That means we will get to see this new Manga series in Anime soon because there is still lot of time for the Naruto Shippuden anime to cover the end of the Naruto Manga (Here is the reason for that – Why Naruto Shippuden is continuing with fillers even after the end of the Manga?) until then the new sequel will cover enough chapters. So it will become easier to Animate the new chapters.

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