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Gintama Anime Teases its not over yet!!

Gintoki Troll Face

Gintama Anime Previously we informed you that Gintama Anime will come to end by the end of this month well guys yesterday the last episode of the Anime was aired yesterday and it teases that the Anime is not ending.. Was the previous news was just a troll or Gintama is taking break?

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Gintama is back and better than ever! Featuring aliens, time clocks, and the fondling of breasts! Gintama is an anime based around humor and references; it shall blow your mind with questions of how it has not gotten copyright strikes! Now prepare for the 4th wall to be broken, and to cry your eyes out in laughter at the not-so-organised story of a Silver Haired Samurai and his incredible life in the city of Edo!

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Gintama Anime Not Ending?

Well yesterday the last episode of the Anime aired (which 316 or 51 depending on your reckoning) and at the end of the episode the Anime hinted that its not over yet. The Anime wrapped up the “Farewell Shinsengumi Arc” and at the end hinted that the “Rakuyou arc” which launched in August 2015 in the Manga is by far the longest arc will be soon coming to the Anime so its not that Anime ended but instead its went on Hiatus for a while.

Gintama Anime - Episode 316
Gintama Anime – Episode 316

Although how long will the Hiatus will be that is not confirmed yet. The Gintama Manga is heading to its conclusion and is about to enter its final arc!

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