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Gintama Manga to start final arc in 2016

Gintama Manga – Every good thing must come to end and that’s the same thing with Ginatama Manga. Gintama entertained people with it’s unparalleled comedy and story lime since 2004 and it became one of the top selling Manga and still continues to maintain it’s position sadly the story is entering it’s final arc this year..

Gintama Manga enters final arc this year

Gintama’s author “Sorachi” mentioned in his 63rd Gintama Volume on Friday that he is now starting final arc of the story this year. He further added that he is not confirmed whether the story will end this year or next year as everything depends on how the will plot progress.

Gintama Manga
Gintama Manga

In last year’s jump fest Sorachi did mentioned that manga will enter final arc in 2016 i.e this year, after the news spread he got many worried letters from fan, So he clarified in this Volume that he didn’t say Gintama Manga would end he only said the series will enter the final arc.

Sorachi started Gintama Manga in the year 2004 and it continues to be ranked among top selling Mangas in Japan. “Viz Media” Published the first twenty three (23) Volumes of Manga in English. The Manga also got Anime adaptation and the Anime aired in the year 2006 which continued until several extended “Hiatus” until year 2013. Later the Anime came back last year in 2015 and now it covered “Shogun assassination arc” and the current arc which is ongoing is “Farewell shinsengumi arc.”

As Sorachi mentioned that he is not confirmed whether the story will end this year or next year it all depends on how the plot will progress. Considering his words we can say that the Anime may also cover the final arc so all together we can expect the Anime to end in the year 2017 or 2018.

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