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Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 Review – Itachi’s story part 02

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452

Naruto Shippuden episode 452 review – Last week we gave a brief review on Naruto Shippuden Episode 451, this time the review will be on Naruto Shippuden 452. Unlike the last episode which showed us some important aspects of Itachi’s life. This episode was rather focused on Itachi’s normal life as a kid and what things happened with Uchiha clan after the incident.

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 Review

The previous episode ended with Obito getting ready to attack the village with “Nine Tails.” This time the new episode 452 started from the same point.We see Obito summoning the Nine Tails and then Nine Tails attack the village.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Obito
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Obito

The Animators used the same footage that was shown during the Naruto’s birth episode 48 hrs special.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Nine tails
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Nine tails

After that we see Itachi feeling the shock from the attacks, so he comes outside to see what’s going on, and then see his fellow clan members running towards safety.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Itachi and his girlfriend
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Itachi and his girlfriend

While running towards the safety shelter, Itachi saves a girl which i think will be his girlfriend in future. Itachi’s fatherUchiha Fugaku” being the leader of the “Konoha Police” orders his members to see the safety of the civilians, and tell Itachi to hide in shelter. While in the mean time. Nine tails gets sealed.

After the incident we see “Iruka” and everyone mourning at the graveyard. Also we see Baby Naruto kept in front of his Mother and Father’s memorial.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Baby Naruto
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Baby Naruto

While the little flashback of the Nine Tail incident did reminded me of “Minato and Kushina’s death” which almost brought all the feels that i felt watching the episode at that time but when i saw “Baby Naruto” kept in front of his mother and father memorial i just literally cried. This was the most painful scene for me in the entire episode.

After that there is a cute scene where the girl that Itachi saved during the incident thanks him for saving het, and she then ask that if she can hold “Baby Sasuke” Itachi says no because he doesn’t want to make Sasuke cry but she takes Sasuke from Itachi saying that he won’t cry but then he starts crying and starts throwing tantrums. So Itachi takes Sasuke back from her and he immediately starts laughing which was kinda cute.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Uchiha Fugaku
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Uchiha Fugaku

Going back to the episode village elders and elite shinobi’s and clan leaders who take parts in village council meets are assembled for an urgent meet and the topic of that meeting was to renovate the village. Danzo took the lead and started telling each clan whether they should relocate to new place or should stay there. After that Danzo said that “Leaf police headquarters which sustained major damage should be relocated outside the village along with uchiha clan.” There are only one reason behind this decision and that is he suspects someone from the Uchiha to be the mastermind of the incident.

Hokage and the other elders also agree with the decision. While Uchiha Fugaku makes a point that “Uchiha clan makes up for the police force of the hidden leaf village if something happens the police are able to protect the village. If the headquarters is relocated outside then it will be hard for police force to take swift actions.” While the other clan leaders agree with the decision but Danzo makes that point null by saying that “We have Anbu black ops for that.” Third Hokage also makes Fugaku’s point null by saying that Uchiha has to use training grounds located outside the village so relocating outside the village would be convenient.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Uchiha clan
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Uchiha clan

After that Uchiha clan have meeting and almost every clan member came with a complaint that clan members were not happy with the relocation thing. And says that during Nine tails incident Uchiha weren’t called for action because elders feared that Uchiha will control Nine tails with their sharingan. Some clan members also says that many villagers are suspecting Uchiha for the Nine tails incident and because of which elders ordered to relocate outside the village so they can keep eye on Uchiha just like it happened during the “Second Hokage’s” generation and that’s why we should reject the orders. While Itachi’s father Uchiha Fugaku agrees with their decision but he also mentions that “Other clans have accepted their relocation so Uchiha should not be the only one rejecting. We should accept the orders as for negotiations i will do what i can do.”

Meetings get dismissed, Fugaku asks Itachi what does he think about relocation, Itachi says lets go to see the new training grounds after visiting there Itachi says he likes the place and then asks his father to teach him Jutsu. his father shows him the fireball Jutsu and Itachi does it back without any problem! Seeing his talent his father becomes happy. But as suspected his father was too not ok with relocation and notices that the new ground of Uchiha is surrounded by buildings so that other shinobi’s can keep watch on Uchiha. I guess from this point onward Uchiha clan started scheming their plan of Coup d’etat.

Scene move towards Academy where Itachi and the fellow kids from his age are assembled for the entrance ceremony. At that time his future girlfriend also enters the academy.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Itachi's girlfriend
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Itachi’s girlfriend

As expected Itachi’s talent as a shinobi outclasses every student in the academy and he becomes center of attraction for every girls. While as always group of boys are not happy with this and plans revenge against Itachi. It looks like their revenge fails and somehow Itachi ends up being leader of their gang. But just like it was showed in episode in 451, Itachi is still burdened with weight of life and questions like what is life? what is shinobi? and what is village? In search of that Itachi always asks his father to teach him justsu and he also researches the old ruins of leaf village.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Itachi and Shisui
Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 – Itachi and Shisui

One day Itachi ditches his class and practice shuriken and kunai justu’s where he meet his best friend for the first time and he is Uchiha Shisui. To my surprise Uchiha Shisui is older than Itachi and he is more talented than Itachi, that even Itachi respects him by calling “Shisui san.” Shisui asks him “Does academy bores you so much that you are ditching the class?” Itachi replies “I am not ditching,” Itachi actually was using Shadow clone Jutsu his clone was attending the class while the real Itachi was practicing with Kunai. Shisui then takes interest in Itachi and teaches him few techniques while in the mean time a rival gang attacks Itachi’s gang in school and in that fight Itachi’s clone disappears. The real Itachi notices that and then returns but before returning he asks Shusui “Why life is full of battles and fights?” Shisui replies “I don’t know, but if there are fights or battles that can be stopped then i want to stop them.” Itachi says “Me too!” both agrees on that and then Itachi returns.

Meanwhile the teachers back at academy who came to stop the fight notices Itachi’s clone disappearing and soon visit Hokage to report that and also says that Itachi is a true genius and have mastered all the academy techniques along with shadow clone technique. I haven’t seen such student. There is no point by keeping Itachi in the academy anymore. So after that academy allows Itachi to graduate at the end of his second year. Itachi tells this news to his parents and as always they are overjoyed and then we see Itachi at the graduation ceremony and the episode ends there.

Wrapping up the review

While this episode showed us nothing important but it does showed us how Uchiha’s were treated after Nine Tails incident. It also showed us how Shisui and Itachi met and how was Itachi’s daily life and how Itachi met his girlfriend basically this episode showed us everything we wanted to know about Uchiha clan and Itachi’s life as kid and of course there is still more to it and we will do see that in future episodes.

Overall Episode Ratings


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