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One Piece Episode 733 – Doflamingo vs Luffy Conclusion!

One piece episode 733

One Piece Episode 733 – Finally this episode concludes long on going fight of Doflamingo vs Luffy which lasted several months thanks to the slow paced episodes of One Piece. While keeping the fact in the mind that “The Anime series being close to the Manga chapters,” the pace of the episodes were slowed down.

Understanding the reason behind the slow pace (to avoid unnecessary filler episodes) we continued to watch the series and now finally we saw the end of the fight which was epic but left us with so many questions.

One Piece episode 733 – Conclusion of Dressrosa Arc

One piece episode 733 - luffy vs doflamingo
One piece episode 733 – luffy vs doflamingo

Last month i gave you the review on Luffy’s gear fourth, which marked the start of the most epic part of the arc, which ultimately ended in today’s latest episode. But to continue the review further i would like to start from the couple episodes back i.e i will start with episode 727 and end with episode 733.

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OK, so One Piece episode 726 showed the activation of gear fourth and continued awesome fight of luffy and doflamingo. But doflamingo turned out to be more sturdy than one can imagine. Using his devil fruit powers he started to heal himself from the inside but that’s not the only thing he did. He also showed the awakening of devil fruit i.e the final form and the final level of devil fruit powers. Although doflamingo’s devil fruit is paramecia type but the awakening of the devil fruit affected the surroundings which turned the entire town into strings and doflamingo controlled that bulk of strings to attack luffy.


With the awakening doflamingo was putting great fight against luffy who was in gear fourth but his attacks proved to have no effect on luffy as the gear fourth’s armament’s haki was protecting him.

Leo bazooka
Leo bazooka

While it may seem that luffy was overpowering doflamingo with his new gear fourth it didn’t changed the fact that the new gear fourth was taking great toll on luffy’s body and his time was running out so luffy gave an all out attack of “Leo Bazooka” but still it turned out to be a waste attack as doflamingo was healing himself with his threads.

Luffy’s gear fourth run out of power too early than he expected as he was going to throw his last attack but he was not able to do it and there are two reasons for that, first is gear fourth put tremendous amount of pressure on luffy’s body and the second reason is, Luffy took lot of damage in useless fights against bellamy and got injured also before going to gear fourth luffy fought with doflaming with gear second and third. Maybe he wanted to avoid as going into gear fourth but in the end luffy understood that second and third gear won’t be enough to take down doflamingo so he decided to ascend to the next level but as you know that gear fourth takes a lot of toll on luffy’s body entering the gear fourth in the damaged body may shorten the time limit of the gear fourth.


When Luffy’s gear fourth went down and he was in danger Gyats the announcer of colessum saves him, luffy tells him that i only need 20 mins to recover so please hold him until then. Everyone tries their best to hold doflamingo for 20 mins. Luffy was weakened and Burgess decided to attack luffy now that he was weakened but sabo saved him. On the other hand frustrated by how everyone’s trying to save luffy, doflamingo speed up the movement of the bird cage and all the strong people that were into dressrosa arc and were injured decides to stop the birdcage after getting healed by princess Mansherry’s power.

While in the mean time Rebecca decides to face doflamingo but instead she is stopped by Violet. While keeping the promise of not to get Rebecca’s hands dirty she fights with doflamingo but in the end she is captured by him and then he manipulates Rebecca to kill Violet but thanks to the all that fighting she did it gave enough time for luffy to recover! and he stopped Rebecca.

The conclusion

In One Piece episode 733 scene moves towards the final showdown of Luffy vs Doflamingo. Even after recovering luffy still remains on the disadvantageous state as doflaming manipulates luffy, but luffy manages to recover from that state and manages to get in Gear fourth once again. Scene moves towards the training sessions he had with “Rayleigh” in the past where Rayleigh gives him advice that – “If your Kong gun attack doesn’t work you need to think of something else also gear fourth put tremendous amount of pressure so that is not really advantageous, So just think of something else.” Luffy suggest him one thing and that thing was the upgraded version of Kong gun which had a tremendous power to finish an enemy in one attack.

One piece episode 733 - Kong Gun
One piece episode 733 – Kong Gun

Luffy inflates his body to gather more haki into one arm because of which the arm becomes gigantic! and then he focuses his entire strength into the gigantic fist and throws the punch. Doflamingo defends himself by using his devil’s fruit awakening but that attack overpowers him and luffy manages to land a clean hit on doflamingo’s face which brings end to the long going battle.

Opinion on the episode

The episode was as usual slow paced but it does left lot of questions and probably this one is the most important – “How will luffy handle the enemies that are lot stronger than doflamingo and that he is about to face after this arc?”

Certainly this is one of the most important question because luffy has to deal with lot of enemies in the new world that includes both world government and the yonko. If luffy’s strongest card gear fourth won’t do any thing in front of those guys as Yonko are the guys that even doflamingo is scared of!! and even with gear fourth it took lot of time for luffy to defeat doflamingo.  Luffy probably not going to stand a chance! unless he doesn’t find a way to improve.

So in short i am really excited to see how Oda will develop Luffy further…

Overall Episode Rating

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