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One Piece Film Gold – Original Characters revealed!

One Piece

One Piece Film Gold – Couple of days ago, i informed you guys about the original designs of strawhats for film gold, drawn by none other than original creator and author Eiichiro Oda. This time the official website of  film gold revealed some new original characters for the film. Also a fair amount of Information about them has been revealed!

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One Piece Film Gold original characters

One Piece film gold
One Piece film gold

Gild Tezoro – A Casino King, and a devil fruit user who ate Gol Gol fruit, He is the one who controls huge Gold ship known as “Gran Tezoro.” Also he is an extremely rich man said to possess 20% of monetary “Beli” that exists in the world i.e he possess 20% of money that exists in entire world.

Carnia – A popular songstress with a beautiful voice but her identity is shrouded in mystery.

Baccarat – A Devil fruit user, who ate lucky lucky fruit, When she touches someone, that person’s luck changes. She is mysterious and elegant woman who apparently acts as an escort for strawhat pirates.

Dice – A dealer on Gran Tezoro who has a special ability which is not revealed. He is a man with a large body full of muscles. His likes to offer his audience a highest level of game.

Mr. Tanaka – A devil fruit user who ate Nuke Nuke fruit. His devil fruit powers are almost secret or you can call it rare and apparently he is in charge of Gran Tezoro’s interior security.

As i mentioned in earlier post regarding film gold, Eiichiro oda is working as an executive director for the film as well as being credited for the original work. He has also worked on the previous film of the franchise which was One Piece film Z. The new film will premiere in Japan on July 23rd.

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