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One Piece Manga chapter 815-818 Review and Reaction

Days ago I reviewed One Piece Manga chapter 814 and did some prediction on Sanji’s past and Vinsmoke family. Although the later released chapters of one piece ingeniously proved some of my prediction wrong and revealed something even great. Although if you’re interested in reading the review on Chapter 814 and predictions on future chapters then here is the link – One piece 814 review and predictions.

One Piece Manga chapter 815-818 Review

So in One Piece Manga chapter 814 pekoms did mentioned about Vinsmoke family being the family of assassins, so what does it really mean? Well One Piece Manga chapter 815 gave answer to this question.

One Manga Chapter 815
One Manga Chapter 815 – Vinsmoke family

Vinsmoke family is actually an organization called “Germa 66” also known as “Warmongers” a mythical evil army and the top of that organization is the father of Sanji. Well that was certainly surprising thing but am sure that “Sanji’s past” is the darkest of all strawhats, and eventually mysteries around Vinsmoke family will be revealed slowly along with plot progression and if strawhats were to stand against them, strawhats will become the notorious criminals that even world government fears.

While luffy doesn’t understand or care about this complicated situation he is still ready barge in the marriage ceremony and talks about taking down the Big Mom and if possible the Vinsmoke family. Since he doesn’t want Sanji to join Big Mom’s crew so if he were to take down a Yonkou, Luffy intends to take Big Mom’s crew under his control. While Pekoms doesn’t like that and gets angry on luffy, we see luffy trolling pekoms by saying his eyes are cute.

Although the carefree attitude of brings the light heart moment, that moment doesn’t last for too long as Pekoms said that Sanji can’t runaway from this marriage as it’s a political marriage so if he marries he won’t be a part of strawhats. And even if he were to run away they will send the head of any person that was involved with him as a present. So luffy decides to take go with Pekoms so he can sneak in the ceremony. While it looks like things are about to get serious, Chapter 816 hints something bizarre is going to happen!

During this time i thought that One piece is on the great roller coaster ride as they not only have to deal with Kaido but with Big Mom and Vinsmoke family too! On top of that we still don’t know Momonosuke, Kanjuro and Kienmon mission is, and chapter 816 does job of shedding some light on the Momonosuke’s story. But we will eventually see that part too, as we see everything is connecting in chapter 818. So if anyone was thinking that Kienmon, kanujro and momonosuke are nothing more than lame side characters then you guys get ready to bang your heads because these are guys are the center of attraction of the events that going to happen in future.

One Manga Chapter 817
One Manga Chapter 817 – Kozuki family

When Kienmon met strawhats for the first time he said that he was going to “Zou” to meet “Raizo” his friend but some problem occurred and they got separated. In chapter 817 they meet Raizo and it seems these guys are acquainted with Nekomamushi and Inuarashi who fought captain jack to protect Raizo. Why did they fought to protect Raizo? Because Raizo,  Kienmon, Kanjuro and Momonosuke all belong to clan called Kozuki clan and are friend of Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. And Momonosuke and Kienmon are not father and son in fact Momonosuke is heir or prince of Wano Kingdom and Kienmon is follower or guardian.

One Manga Chapter 818
One Manga Chapter 818 – Raftel discovery

While we thought that this was end of surprising revelation, something more bizarre was revealed. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi takes all people to a place where there is Ponyglyph also known as Reo-Ponyglyph or Road Ponyglyph and above that Ponyglyph is the crest of “Kozuki clan.” The Kozuki clan is the one behind the creation of Ponyglyphs. There of 4 such Ponyglyphs, One was revealed in front of luffy and other people, The other one is missing or it’s location is unknown, Third one was with Kaido and Big Mom has fourth one.

When brought together they reveal the location of an Island called “Raftel” which is the last island on Grandline where One Piece treasure exists. No one has been there since past 100 years except for Gold roger and his crew. But Roger pirates were able to achieve this feat because Momonosuke’s real father and lord of Wano kingdom was the part of crew, which is not shocking since Oda hinted it in cover page of chapter 631.

One Piece Manga
One Piece Manga

Since Kaido executed the Momonuske’s father, Kaido lost lead to raftel, so in search for clue,  Kaido’s crew under captain jack’s lead attacked Zou where Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were hiding Raizo

So luffy and his crew has to deal with both the Yonkou in order to retrieve the information from of the ponyglyphs, I thought how they are going to steal the 1000 tons unbreakable stone tablets but apparently the plot further revealed they do not need to move the 1000 tons stone tablet all they need is a special paper on which they can copy the content. And on top of it there is Vinsmoke family, Blackbeard, World Government and Revolutionary army and Shanks


Why do i think that Island Raftel itself is One Piece?

Although we have known for a quite a while that One Piece is not ordinary treasure it’s something that will turn the world upside down, but one thing is clear that “Raftel” the very island is more important than the treasure One Piece itself since it’s entire existence is hidden and to reach there you need Ponyglyphs. So if Ponyglyphs are the fact which reveals the 900 years old void history, then that means Raftel is the key island where all the mysteries related to 900 years old history will be revealed and One piece is the treasure related to that, because it’s impossible for Roger to have One Piece with him while traveling to Raftel as it’s the main focus of the story. So he must have found One Piece after reaching at Raftel and decided he won’t take the treasure with him because he had less time to live and the existence of the treasure is too dangerous or either the treasure is so big that he could not move or the entire island itself is One Piece.

Since the existence of the island is hidden for 100 years and it location was sealed inside the Ponyglyphs made by Kozuki clan, so maybe it’s something like only lord of Wano kingdom and leader of Kozuki clan is only allowed to read the Ponyglyphs or has the ability to read those Ponyglyphs and this ability is passed down to every new lord. Since Momonosuke’s father was part of Roger pirate crew as well as the lord of Wano Kingdom he must have the ability to locate read the Ponyglyphs that’s why Roger pirates were able to reach Raftel.

Now you may say that, Roger was also able to write the ancient language of Ponyglyphs since he wrote his name on the “Golden bell” that was on sky island ‘Skypiea.’ I admit that’s correct, although that was the result of his special power (Which was still not revealed or unknown even to roger and his crewmates) since Rayleigh confirmed to Robin that they were not able read Ponyglyphs as they were not that intelligent, Roger was able to write in that language because -“He was could here voice of everything.” So if we consider what Rayleigh said is true then one thing becomes clear that they needed a person who can locate and read Ponyglyphs and that person was Momonosuke’s father. Kaido noticed this and captured Wano Kingdom, in hopes of Momonosuke’s father will provide the information but he refused and as a result he was executed before passing down that ability to Momonosuke.

Wrapping up

Although Oda has revealed the secret to reach Raftel which suddenly bring all scattered points to one place and it feels like the end is near but One piece won’t end so easily because there is lot of things yet to be revealed and this chapter was just the start of it!

Overall rating


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