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Psycho pass anime could get another season?

Psycho pass anime season 03 – Psycho pass is a sci-fi anime which centers around the character named “Tsunemori Akane,” a law enforcement officer in the near future. Where a certain technology allows to measure a person’s propensity towards crime with numbers called as “Crime coefficient.”  This allows officer to take actions more swiftly on potential criminals before they could commit any crime or perform any harmful or unlawful actions.

The first season of the anime premiered in the year 2012 and was popular enough to get second season which premiered in the year 2014.

psycho pass
psycho pass

Unlike the first season of the anime, the second season could not create the hype among the fans. Many fans criticized the second season that it’s not par with the first season. So no one expected third season for the series. However the series did got a movie adaptation and according to the reviews the movie is much better than everyone expected it would be. So what if the success of the movie opened the doors of third season for the anime series ?

Psycho pass season 3 or something else?

Yamamot Kouji – Chief producer of Psycho pass anime posted a tweet on his official twitter account on March 17 i.e Thursday which says – “Please wait a little longer for Psycho pass”

What could be the meaning of this “Tweet” the movie is released, So the only adaptation which is available for the series is OVA adaptation, special or season 03.


Majority of fans think that he could be teasing us with the announcement of season 03. They are excited but on the side note they are also being rational.

Few threads on forums regarding this tweet was – “If they are going to make third season, then it should be on par with the first season and of course better than second season otherwise there is no point.”

Although the meaning behind the tweet is not yet specified or made clear, all we can do is wait for the further details or clarification.


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