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Sword art Online The beginning video report by

Sword art online the beginning

Sword art online The beginning – Couple of days ago we gave you quite a brief explanation on the working of sword art online virtual reality game sponsored by IBM. The game is known as Sword art online The beginning and uses IBM’s new cognitive computing system to function to know more about its functioning you can refer the two articles given below.

Also read – Sword art online Virtual reality game working

Also read – Sword art online Virtual reality game sponsored by IBM

Sword art online the beginning video report

Sword art online The beginning
Sword art online The beginning

As you are all aware that the game is still in its “Alpha” stage, So to collect more data for further improvements, IBM started to take registration for Alpha testers. So one of the employee from was also part of Alpha test and thanks to them we got 10 min detailed video report on the Alpha test and the working of the game.

Sword art online  The beginning video report by


IBM first start by scanning the body of the player, which is then rendered into the 3D avatar

  • Players were given an Oculus rift VR console which tracks head motion and then later feed in graphics.
  • A Leap Motion 3D gesture control and an Ovrision stereo camera were used for tracking hand motions.
  • Microsoft Kinect 2 was used to track body movements.
  • Special footwear were used to track foot movements, so that your avatar can walk.

Around 99,800 people signed to participate in the alpha testing of the game “Sword art online The Beginning” but only 208 were selected.


The graphics may not look good but that’s because the game is still the process of development. But till the Beta test the game would have improved significantly. Its a beginning of something new although i am more excited to see how IBM is going to simplify the process of scanning the avatar and playing the game.

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