Sword art online The beginning

Sword art online Virtual Reality Game : See how it works!

Sword art online virtual reality game – A couple of weeks ago we informed you that IBM Japan is working on the actual sword art online virtual reality game which uses the cognitive computing system. Which will make players feel that they are inside the game. They are using Oculus VR goggles for this job. In this article we will see how the game actually works in real life.

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Working of sword art online virtual reality game

You might be thinking – “Yay! am so excited!, i can’t wait to see how the game environment is!” but to be honest it’s something that you will feel extremely weird…

So how does it actually look like?

In reality it is not as cool as you think, You may laugh at the people above because of their actions but i bet these two alpha testers were living a dream! Now lets see the working.

  • IBM first start by scanning the body of the player, which is then rendered into the 3D avatar
Sword art online VR Game
Sword art online VR Game

Oh! this certainly looks cool, i can’t wait to see how the avatar looks after rendering…

Sword Art Online VR Game Avatar
Sword Art Online VR Game Avatar

Oh! Ok, this certainly doesn’t look cool as i thought i would. But the game is still in it’s “Alpha” stage so we can expect the improvements in the graphics later! So lets continue with further explanation

  • Players were given an Oculus rift VR console which tracks head motion and then later feed in graphics.
  • A Leap Motion 3D gesture control and an Ovrision stereo camera were used for tracking hand motions.
  • Microsoft Kinect 2 was used to track body movements.
  • Special footwear were used to track foot movements, so that your avatar can walk.
  • Once every information and movement about players was calibrated, they were dropped into a bazaar.
Sword art online VR Game - Bazaar
Sword art online VR Game – Bazaar

The graphics are good here!

Sword art online VR Game - Movement of avatar
Sword art online VR Game – Movement of avatar

This bazaar location allowed players to get accustomed to the game! Once they were done with it and were able to control their avatar freely as they want they were dropped into the battle area to battle some monsters.

Around 99,800 people signed to participate in the alpha testing of the game “Sword art online : The Beginning” but only 208 were selected. Daisuki.net also released a detailed video report on the alpha test of the game.

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Source : Insider Games


This certainly is cool thing and it’s something which is never done! but in order to make it available for everyone, IBM still need to do lot of work.

For example – Player first has to scan his entire body so that the avatar can be rendered. Also they need special gears with help of which entire body movement, including hands, head and legs are tracked in order to move the avatar in the game.

They need to work on this entire thing to make it more simple so people can use it easily. If they shipped the game with such complex tools and machinary people won’t buy it and the game will be only suitable for malls and game centers. In order to make it available for everyone we need something else.

For example – A special suit which people can wear, and once they start the game their body from head to toe will be scanned because of that suit and avatar will be rendered. Motion tracking will also become much simple. So if they are really going to make this project a full fledged game then they really need to work on this or something similar!

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