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Top 10 Anime Openings that you should listen Part 01

Top 10 Anime openings

Top 10 Anime OpeningsAnime openings/endings shed the light over Japanese Rock/Pop/Heavy Metal music and majority of Anime fans like to listen to their songs. The reason because their music is awesome but the main reason is their music is like energy Adrenalin which motivates you. So in this post we are going to see Top 10 Anime Openings that you should listen to it right now!

Top 10 Anime Openings Part 01

1. Open Punch Man – Hero

One Punch Man
One Punch Man

One Punch Man Opening song “Hero” was certainly the most influential opening of 2015. I saw many people in my locality who never watched Anime in their life, listening to this opening song after watching One Punch Man Anime and language was certainly not barrier for them. In fact they listened to the song wholeheartedly

2. Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was not influential as One Punch Man but keep that topic aside it was certainly the hype of the year Anime and it’s Opening song literally pierced the heart of their fans and the same thing happened with the “Acoustic version” on Unravel that played at the end of the season 2.

3. Log Horizon – Database

Log Horizon
Log Horizon

Log Horizon, the Anime which first we all thought was influenced from “Sword art Online” but with it’s unique approach towards “Trapped in the Game” theme, it became popular and changed the mindset of the audience. Well keeping all that aside the opening theme “Database” also became popular with Anime. The good thing is that they didn’t changed the Anime opening even in season 2.

4. Overlord – Clattanoia

Overlord Light Novel

Another “Trapped in the Game” theme Anime, Overlord is different than that of “Sword art Online” and “Log Horizon” despite having the same theme. What i mean is the overall concept of the Anime is different. Also the Opening song Clattanoia is one of the awesome song I’ve ever heard.

5. Code: Breaker – Dark Shame

Code breaker anime
Code breaker anime

Code: Breaker Anime Opening – Dark Shame is something that will give you goosebumps as well as the Adrenalin rush that will get you excited.

6. High school of the dead – By Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rocket.

High school of the dead
High school of the dead

High School of the dead, The Anime on “Zombie Apocalypse” which made everyone crazy with it’s unparalleled story line and super hot fan service. The Opening song of this Anime is certainly one of the awesome song although the name is still unknown.

7. Detective Conan – Giri giri chop and Don’t wanna lie by B’z

Detective conan
Detective Conan

Giri giri chop and Don’t wanna lie are the 2 opening themes from the Anime Detective Conan that are the 2 best rock opening themes ever. I listen to these two songs frequently now and then, must give it a try i bet it won’t disappoint you!

8. Naruto – Fighting Dreamers


Fighting dreamers opening theme from the good old “Naruto” Anime was one of the best opening themes that i listened in my childhood. Which brings back the nostalgic moments too!

9. Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion – Flow

Code geass
Code geass

Code Geass – Flow Opening theme was one of the most influential Opening song for me after Naruto’s Fighting dreamers as a result i got addicted to Japanese Rock Music.

10. Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood – Again and Hologram

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood  got awesome openings out of which these are the two these two are the best openings ever!

So these are the Top 10 Anime openings for now, Soon there will be part 02 coming up for the same post. Also we are taking suggestions for the part 02 so if you have any Anime openings you want in our post then do suggest the Anime and the name of the opening via comments

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