Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Top 10 Anime to rewatch during Vacations

Top 10 Anime to rewatch – Many Anime fans and Otakus try to complete their long piled up Anime list during vacations. But people like me who already watched almost all Animes and are running out of list or are at the end of their list and have nowhere to go to enjoy vacations then all we do is rewatch Anime, The only problem with this majority of people can’t decide the Anime they should start with. So lets see some of the top 10 Anime that you can rewatch during vacations.

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Top 10 Anime to rewatch during vacations

PS : Before starting i like to mention one thing. I am writing this article based on my experience assuming that people might have come across the same problem as me. I am not forcing anyone to watch the similar series written in this article, everyone has their free will to decide what they want to watch. Also i might end up recommending more than 10 so sorry for that…

Like i mentioned majority of people can’t decide the Anime they should start with. So here is a simple tip before we can actually move forward to our real content : Start with those Anime which you were not able to watch properly or you watched it fast-forwarding the entire series.

1. One Piece

One Piece
One Piece – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Although i know One Piece is not a right Anime to start with because its too long but that’s one of the main reason why you should start with One Piece. Since it’s one hell of a big Anime, many people fast forward it while watching the series because of which they miss some things that connects to the further story line. Because as the story progresses a lot of things from the past episodes are connected to future episodes. And that’s one of the best thing among long running Anime series. And vacation is one of the best period to properly watch long running Anime series, So One piece might take your almost half of your vacation but its really a worthy watch.

2. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood – Top 10 anime to rewatch

If you’re not planning to watch long running Anime series, Then Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Anime is perfect for you. The Anime contains 64 episodes in total but it delivers a complete satisfaction in terms of Action, emotional scenes, story and romance.

3. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurrenn lagann
Gurrenn lagann – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Gurren Lagann is considered as the best and coolest mecha Anime in terms of story, action, plot progression, emotional scenes and romance. This is one of the Anime which is on #1 in my “Anime rewatch list.” I bet that you won’t be disappointed rewatching this Anime once again!

4. Initial D or Capeta

 Top 10 Anime to rewatch
Gurrenn lagann – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Intial D is the right choice if you’re looking for a good car racing Anime, The second based car racing Anime after Initial D is capeta. Although Capeta is lot better than Initial D story wise and racing wise Inital D is lot better than Capeta.

5. Hajime No Ippo or Baby steps

Hajime No Ippo Or Baby Steps
Hajime No Ippo Or Baby Steps – Top 10 Anime to Rewatch

If you’re looking for Anime that will motivate you to exercise then Hajime No Ippo is the best choice. Also Baby steps Anime too does the good job of Motivating you. Plus there are some exercises shown in Baby steps that you also can do!

6. Phi brain

Phi Brain
Phi Brain – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Phi brain is the best choice if you’re looking for Anime that depends on the brain usage even for Action. Also the Anime has good story which won’t disappoint you..

7. Death Note or Code Geass or Parasyte – The Maxim

Top 10 Anime to rewatch
Death note or code geass or parasyte the maxim – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

You want to watch best psychological thriller? i guess you should watch Death Note, but if you also want action romance and emotional drama then go for Code Geass or Parasyte – The Maxim.

8. Toradora or Maid sama or Ao haru ride or Itazura na Kiss or Lovely Complex or Nisekoi and much more…

Toradora – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Romance Anime is one of the genre on which i can’t give you a concrete recommendation, if you want to rewatch the Anime. Because there are so many good Animes, if you ask me to recommend anyone then my answer is go decide or your own or watch all the romance anime.

9. Kuroko no basket or haikyuu or slam dunk or diamond no ace or major and much more…

Haikyuu – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

You can watch any Anime you want because all of these are gem in my eyes or you can decide any favorite of Anime of yours.

10. Samurai champloo or Rurouni Kenshin or Gintama

Gintama – Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Samurai Champloo and Rurouni Kenshin and Gintama are my three best Anime that utilizes sword fights. Either way you can choose any of these Anime all are the best!

End of the list Top 10 Anime to rewatch during vacations

If some one asks you to recommend Anime so they can rewatch, then i guess that probably the toughest question to Answer. Because there are so many good Anime that most of the people can’t pick the right ones. The same thing happens with me all the time as you can see in this post i have recommended multiple Anime at once and told you guys to decide which one you want to watch because i was not able to choose one of them. So basically what i want to say is my intention behind writing this post was no to provide concrete recommendation but to provide an outline or some best example series¬†¬† that people might choose to rewatch and So that people can choose their own Anime even if they are not from this list!

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