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Top 30 Naturally Strong Anime females Part 01

Top 30 naturally strong anime females

Top 30 Naturally strong Anime females – When it comes to strong females in Anime we can recall as many characters as we want but lets add some twist to that, Today in this post we will see Top 30 Naturally strong Anime females who are strong Naturally without any special powers or techniques.

Top 30 naturally strong Anime females

Female characters in Anime always are treat to watch not because they are beautiful, hot or sexy but they are strong and charming. Well at least i love those kind of female character, Well then let see some of them now!

PS – We have suggested 4-5 females from the same Anime because they are equally strong and who’s strongest among them is not determined.

1. Balalaika from black lagoon

Balalaika - Black lagoonBalalaika – Black lagoon

Balalaika A woman with an evil face, an ex military officer and now the boss of Mafia. She may act all cheerful and merry but she is one hell of a badass woman when she got a job to do!

2. Revy from black lagoon

Revy Black LagoonRevy Black Lagoon

Revy everyone’s favorite character from the Anime black lagoon, She is definitely a hot woman, but she is not someone who you want to stay with. Guns are toys for her and she is nicknamed as two hands who rules the sea with crew mates.

3. Roberta from Black Lagoon

Roberta - Black lagoonRoberta – Black lagoon

Roberta a Nasty blood thirst maid from Black Lagoon who was ex officer just like Balalaika. While she may act as obedient maid but she is crazy strong and will kill anyone when the time comes. While Black lagoon has many strong female characters but for me these three are the best!

4. Ayuzawa Misaki from Maid Sama

Ayuzawa misaki - maid samaAyuzawa misaki – maid sama

Talking about strong maids, Ayuzawa Misaki a normal High school girl from Kaichowa Maid Sama who works in maid cafe but she is crazy strong and have mastered Aikido and is known as the “Demon Student Council President.”

5. Erza Scarlet

Erza scarlet - Fairy tailErza scarlet – Fairy tail

Erza scarlet probably the strongest female wizard from the fairy tail anime, but we all know that she is strong when she is using magic but she is also strong naturally (without using magic) all kinds of weapons and armors she uses require physical brute strength and strong body and she has that, Without that she would have not be able to use all those weapons and armors.

6. Boa Hancock from One piece

Boa hancock - One PieceBoa hancock – One Piece

Boa hancock is one of the hottest female characters in One Piece but she is also strong not just because of haki and devil fruit powers. She is naturally strong (without haki or devil fruit), as you saw her fighting in war and in One Piece special 3D2Y her skills as martial artist are second to none also she is the queen of female island.

7. Chi chi from Dragon ball Z

Chi chi - dragon ball zChi chi – dragon ball z

Just like Goku, Krillin and other characters Chi chi of Dragon Ball Z is martial artist too but she doesn’t use any ki attacks. Instead she relies on pure strength and her skills as a martial artist.

8. Videl from Dragon ball Z

Videl - Dragon Ball ZVidel – Dragon Ball Z

Videl from Dragon Ball Z is just like Chi Chi she doesn’t use any Ki attacks or relies on Ki for fighting, She relies on her skills as martial artist and pure strength although she learned to fly from Gohan but she didn’t learned about enhancing her strength using Ki.

9. Tsunade from Naruto

Tsunade - NarutoTsunade – Naruto

Tsunade’s strength might depend on her “Chakra.” Well but that’s not entirely true, Before learning to control the chakra precisely, Ninjas from Naruto learn taijustsu skills and master it. So it’s safe to assume that Tsunade as a kid must have mastered taijustsu and she must have been strong. Later she learned precise chakra control and got her monstrous strength as Sannin.

10. Mouri Ran

Mouri Ran - Detective conanMouri Ran – Detective conan

Mouri Ran female lead character from the Anime Detective Conan may look cute but she is Karate expert and is one hell of strong and Badass girl and does her job of beating bad guys when the time comes.

11. Kazuha from detective conan

Kazuha - Detective conanKazuha – Detective conan

Kazuha, Another girl from detective conan who is just strong as Mouri Ran, she is Jujitsu expert and can give you quite a beating.

12. Sera Masumi from Detective conan

Sera Masumi - Detective conanSera Masumi – Detective conan

A high school female detective just like Kudou Shinichi/Edogawa Conan and a Jeet Kune Do expert who is as strong as Mouri Ran and Kazuha.

13. Satou Miwako from Detective Conan

Satou Miwako - Detective conanSatou Miwako – Detective conan

Satou Miwako, A female police detective from the Anime Detective Conan with incredible brute strength and quite decent shooting skills well there are four more naturally strong women from Detective Conan but these four above mentioned female character are the Top right now.

14. Busujima Saeko from High School of the Dead

Busujima Saeko - High School of the DeadBusujima Saeko – High School of the Dead

Busujima Saeko a 3rd year High school girl, a graceful and badass maiden and a master swordsman from High school of the dead Anime. Despite being Hot and Sexy her swordsman skill is second to none..

15. Rei Miyamoto from High school of the Dead

Rei - High School of the DeadRei Miyamoto – High School of the Dead

Rei Miyamoto from the High school of the Dead may act like timid, and all girly but she is strong when time comes. She is well in handling spears…

16. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack of the Titan

Mikasa Ackerman - Attack of the TitanMikasa Ackerman – Attack of the Titan

Mikasa Ackerman a badass female lead character form the Anime Attack of the Titan, While she may be quite, Act timid and cute in front of Eren, When it comes to the time of protecting Eren she will be badass and will do anything which makes her strong and fierce.

17. Annie from Attack of the Titan

Annie - Attack of the TitanAnnie – Attack of the Titan

Annie the another strong female character from the Anime Attack of the Titan, While she is a Titan, her human form is strong enough to rival Mikasa.

18. Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill

Matoi Ryuko - Kill la KillMatoi Ryuko – Kill la Kill

Matoi Ryuko a cute looking delinquent from the Anime Kill la Kill is who is in fact a badass fighter. At other times she acts badass and at other times she acts cute and funny because of which she is one of my favorite.

19. Kiryuin Satuki from Kill la Kill

Kiriyuin Satsuki - Kill la KillKiryuin Satsuki – Kill la Kill

Kiryuin Satsuki – The older sister of Matoi Ryuko, beautiful and one hell of a badass master swordsman. She is my third favorite character from the Anime Kill la Kill.

20. Miyoshi Kaya later as Takagi Kaya from Bakuman

Miyoshi Kaya - BakumanMiyoshi Kaya – Bakuman

Miyoshi Kaya from Bakuman looks like another normal school girl but she is insanely strong as he has mastered Karate, Aikido, Boxing etc.. and can give you quite a beating if you mess with her.

21. Kuribayashi Shino from Gate Anime

Kuribayashi - GateKuribayashi Shino – Gate

Kuribayashi Shino is the female JSDF Soldier from the Anime Gate and JSDF Soldier means she is quite strong. So there is no need to define her strength.

22. Kawakami Mai from Musaigen No Phantom World

Kawakami Mai - Musaigen No Phantom WorldKawakami Mai – Musaigen No Phantom World

Kawakami Mai, uses Ki to defeat phantoms but apparently she is also strong without using her special powers. She is a well trained martial artist too!

23. Himeko from Sket Dance

Himeko - Sket dance
Himeko – Sket dance

Himeko a lead female character from the Anime Sket dance was actually strong since her childhood days and she also was former delinquent.

24. Aisaka taiga from Toradora

Aisaka Taiga - ToradoraAisaka Taiga – Toradora

Aisaka Taiga a lead female character from the Anime Toradora is actually quite strong despite being cute because of which she is one of my favorite!

25. Nogami saeko from City Hunter/ Angel heart

Nogami Saeko - City HunterNogami Saeko – City Hunter

Nogami Saeko a female cop from the Anime city hunter is cunningly smart and quite strong female officer, not only she is well versed in martial arts but she can also handle weapons well.

26. Xiang Ying from Angel Heart

Xiang Ying - Angel HeartXiang Ying – Angel Heart

Xiang Ying a former Taiwanese Assassin with code name Glass Heart later became daughter of Saeba Ryo a City Hunter from the Anime Angel Heart is quite a deadly teenager to hang around with. Also there is one more female character from Angel heart who is quite strong and her name is Yang Fang Yu but in terms of Skills Xiang Ying is better!

27. Natsumi from You are under arrest

Natsumi - You're under arrestNatsumi – You’re under arrest

Natsumi from the Anime You’re under arrest is the lead female officer whose brute strength is enough to defeat any enemy.

28. Sakurai from Rail wars

Sakurai - Rail warsSakurai – Rail wars

Sakurai from Rail Wars Anime is the daughter of police cop and she has a tomboyish personality and is quite cute. But despite her cute looks she is pretty strong.

 29. Casca from Berserk

Casca - BerserkCasca – Berserk

Casca from Berserk is the lead female character, Wife of main character Guts and a decently strong warrior that even Guts recognizes her..

30. Aria from Hidan No Aria

Aria - Hidan No AriaAria – Hidan No Aria

This cute looking girl above is Aria from the Anime Hidan No Aria and actually a lead female character but despite her cute looks she is one of the best gunslinger girl in Anime.

So these are the top 30 naturally strong females in Anime, but for now this is part 01 of the post we will soon update part 02 of the same post in near future so till then stay tuned and yes if you want to suggest any naturally strong female character then you can mention it in below comment box.

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