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Twin Star Exorcists Anime’s First Promotional Video Streamed

Twin star exorcists - Rokuro

Twin Star Exorcists  is an upcoming Anime which will air this summer on April 6th 2016. The Manga begin streaming the first promotional video of the Anime on Thursday and it previews the first opening theme song of this new Anime. The song is titled as “Valkyrie – Ikusa Otome” also known as “Valkyrie – War Maiden” in English made by Wagakki Band and the ending theme song “Eyes” is performed by Kaji Hitomi.


Rokuro dreams of becoming anything but an exorcist! Then mysterious Benio turns up. The pair are dubbed the “Twin Star Exorcists” and learn they are fated to marry. Can Rokuro escape both fates? When Rokuro’s best friend Ryogo goes missing, Rokuro is forced to ask Benio for help to enter Magano, the realm of the evil Kegare, to rescue him!

(Source – ANN)

Twin Star Exorcists Promotional Video

Anime cast

Twin Star Exorcists
Twin Star Exorcists
  • Hanae Natsuki as Rokuro Enmadou
  • Han Megumi as Beino Adashino
  • Murase Ayumu as Ijika Yuuto
  • Serizawa Yu as Otomi Mayura
  • Suwabe Junichi as Amakawa Seigen
  • Fukuyama Jun as Kinako
  • Maeno Tomoaki as Nagistuji Ryogo
  • Namikawa Daisuke as Tsuchimikado Arima
  • Ishikawa Kaito as Ikaruga Shimon

Anime staff

  • Director – Takaguchi Tomohisa
  • Assistant Director – Igarashi Shishio
  • Series composition – Arakawa Naruhisa
  • Character Design – Sadakata Kikuko
  • Chief Animation Director – Takeda Itsuko
  • Animation Studio – Studio Pierrot


The promotional video of the Anime looks extremely as for the Animation its awesome, seriously that’s some high-quality animation and thanks to that i am hyped. Looking forward to this Anime! The only exorcists anime i liked are Ao No Exorcists and Kekkaishi and these two are my most favorite ones, now by looking at the promotional video it looks like this anime is ready to come under that category.

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