Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Shounen Jump Entrance

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – A new and refreshing feel!!

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Finally got my hands on the Bakuman live action movie (English subbed). I first watched the movie in “RAW” as am only 15% good in Japanese there were some dialogues in the movie which i could not understand. I am learning Japanese but to be honest its a difficult

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Log Horizon

No More Log Horizon – Author found guilty of Tax Evasion

Log horizon, no more? According to report given by MTV News 24 on Tuesday, Tokyo district central court found Umezu Daisuke real name Touno Mamare, guilty of tax evasion. The court sentenced Touno to 10 month prison, although the sentence is suspended for 3 years, so he will also not serve time if he remains

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A certain magical index

A certain magical index season 3 is plausible says producer!!

A certain magical index season 3 – Straight edge founder, producer and a former “Dengeki Bunko Editor in Cheif Miki Kazuma, posted on his official twitter account on Monday and what he posted is that the third season of “A certain magical index” TV Anime is possible. Synopsis Set in a city of scientifically advanced

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Naruto Shippuden Anime - Final Kaguya Arc

Naruto Shippuden Anime – Visual for final Kaguya arc revealed!!

Naruto Shippuden Anime – Finally things are getting on the right track, with the end of Itachi’s arc, From May 05 Naruto Shippuden will start airing canon episode once again. We have already informed you guys about this in our previous post where we showed the entire schedule for Naruto Shippuden form April 5 to

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Naruto Spin off Manga

Naruto Spin off Manga Review – Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki’s Origin

Naruto Spin Off Manga Review – Boruto Manga series sequel to the original Naruto Manga series going to make its first debut in May, the Manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant and Kishimoto himself is assisting with the story. It was announced that Kishimoto will write a spin off manga which is originally a

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One Piece episode 734-738

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – Enter Luffy vs Four Emperors?

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – So one piece finally wrapped up with its dressrosa arc and truly it was one of the lengthiest arc of one piece ever! Although when you consider the pace of one piece episodes, then it safe to say that the arc was extended. I think its one of the

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