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Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – A new and refreshing feel!!

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Shounen Jump Entrance

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Finally got my hands on the Bakuman live action movie (English subbed). I first watched the movie in “RAW” as am only 15% good in Japanese there were some dialogues in the movie which i could not understand. I am learning Japanese but to be honest its a difficult language to learn, but am doing it faster than anyone since watching Anime, Japanese dramas and movies is helping me a lot. Well getting back to the topic, Bakuman live action movie has the same concept as Bakuman Manga and Anime but its story has been modified by leaps and bounds, so even though you have watched the Anime or read the Manga this Movie will give you a complete new experience.


Mashiro Moritaka (Saiko), with his superb drawing skill, is invited by his writing genius classmate Takagi Akito (Shujin) to tread the difficult path of the mangaka. His sights are set on his naive yet earnest joint dream with Azuki Miho, who is aiming to become a voice actress. Saiko and Shujin team up as writer and artist, aiming to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, make a hit, and then release an anime. They bring their manuscripts into editors and set off on the road to becoming pro manga artists.

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Bakuman Live Action Movie Review

The movie’s sole focus is Sato Takeru and Kamiki Ryuunosuke and their efforts on drawing Manga and to be the best in it. Komatsu Nana, has less screen time. To explain the whole thing more thoroughly i would like to explain the basic plot for the movie in my own way.

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Drawing Manga
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Drawing Manga

Sato Takeru  who plays the role of Mashiro Moritaka (Saiko) is invited by his classmate Kamiki Ryuunosuke who plays the role of Takagi Akito (Shujin) to become Mangaka, the reason for that – He notices Takeru drawing sketches of Komatsu Nana who plays the role of Azuki Miho. Takeru rejects the offer but Ryuunosuke tries his best to persuade him, they both accidentally fall from stairs Nana notices that and comes for their help but Takeru replies that he is all right!

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review

Nana then sees Takeru’s sketch book and the sketches, Seeing the right moment Ryuunosuke confesses that he is aiming to be a Mangaka with Takeru,  and says as you’re aiming to become a voice actress, if our Manga becomes hit and is remade in Anime then we want you to play the role of heroin. Nana agrees to that offer, and Takeru in a spur of moment proposes her to marry and she also agrees to that by saying ” i will wait for you” because of which Takeru becomes determined to be a Mangaka!

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Takeru and Ryuunosuke
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Takeru and Ryuunosuke

Azuki Miho is the character which had deep impact on Mashiro Moritaka and even though in the Anime they met few times, they were encouraging each other via mails and phone calls, Azuki was not there besides Mashiro but she was supporting him through the sidelines, that kind of emotional support was pretty shallow in this movie. Kawaguchi Taro (Mashiro’s uncle) in the movie was shown more as emotional and mental support compared to Azuki Miho.

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Komatsu Nana
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Komatsu Nana

As the movie progresses it shows efforts taken by Mashiro (Takeru) and Akito (Ryuunosuke) to become best Mangakas, they meet their rivals on their way, which includes Fukuda Shinta, Nakai, Hiramaru Kazuya and Nizuma Eiji. They also becomes friends, but eventually these rivals becomes the driving force because of which Takeru and Ryuunosuke puts more efforts in drawing Manga and then the story revolves around this group of rivals.

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Actors
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Actors

The one played the role of Hattori Akira, the editor who works in Shounen Jump and then later guide Ashirogi Mutou played his part very well. The Movie shown the importance of editors pretty well. This movie doesn’t show the insides of Manga industry in detail as it was shown the Anime/Manga. It merely scratches the surface, but manages to show how difficult and tough the Manga industry really is. One of the best thing about this movie is that you will get involved with the characters and see yourself in their place. The story is a fictional work but its close to the real life experience which is one of the main reason people get involved with the characters in the movie.

Bakuman Live Action Movie Review - Editor Hattori
Bakuman Live Action Movie Review – Editor Hattori

One thing i didn’t like about this movie is that they completely neglected other important characters like Mashiro’s father, mother and grandfather, Miyoshi Kaya (Azuki’s friend) and Iwase, well there are more characters but for now these are the important characters which the makers neglected. They played an important role, and i think it was not a good thing to neglect the role they played.


The movie has one of the best editing I’ve ever seen but i have mixed feelings about editing because if feel the editing is awesome but at the same time i also feel that they over did it. It definitely one of the best editing ever but because they edited every part of drawing Manga with special effects it looks entertaining, its a great strategy but at the same time it looks like the special effects overshadowed the entire movie.


Sato Takeru and Kamiki Ryuunosuke pulled it off once again!! They have shown some great acting skills, but i can’t really say anything about the acting of other characters but if i were to compare their acting with the acting these two guys (takeru and ryuunosuke) have shown then i would say Takeru and Ryuunosuke have done an awesome job. As the majority of the movie focuses on these two guys because of which the acting done by other actor feels shallow.


Compared to Anime/Manga romance in the movie is considerably week, as i said Azuki Miho acted as an emotional support in the Anime by encouraging Mashiro via mails and phone calls. That kind of emotional support was pretty shallow in this movie. In Anime, even though it was from sidelines their were romantic developments between Azuki and Mashiro but in this movie none of that was shown.

The opinion

Well overall the movie was made very well, although the story and scenes were modified by leaps and bounds the movie fabulously portrayed the efforts of making a Manga and being a Mangaka and if you don’t compare the movie to Anime/Manga and consider it as an individual and original product, Then I’ll say Bakuman Movie as an individual product and original product (not adapted from anything) was a beautiful movie and in that aspect i have nothing to complaint.

However it is a fact that this movie is adapted from Manga/Anime and we cannot ignore it. So if we consider the original source material this movie was adapted from then my opinion is – The makers of this movie made this movie completely different from the original source to make it stand out and it worked but when you compare it to original source and ask me to choose which one is better then i would say its the Anime and Manga which is much better and the movie could have been much better.

Wrapping up

This movie needs another part because i somewhat felt the story is incomplete since in movie Azuki and Mashiro promised to marry once their dream is complete and ending a movie without showing their dreams becoming complete is not a good thing, so it definitely needs a part 2 and i liked this movie very much, so i will definitely recommend everyone to watch this movie. I was really looking forward to this movie and it answered to almost all of my expectations…

Ratings as individual and original movie

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