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Bakuon Episode 1 Review – Finally A Biking Anime!!


Bakuon – While we have seen lots of Anime that involve vehicles which includes Cars, Go-Karts, F1 Machine, Road Racer Cycle. But we haven’t really got an Anime that’s just made for bikes. As a die hard fan of Cars and Bikes i was dying to see an Anime which is based on Biking. It doesn’t matter if it was related to Bike racing but anyways i wanted an Anime which focused on bikes. And this year god answered my prayers. We finally got a Biking Anime this year and its called Bakuon!


The story revolves around high school girls who discover the appeal of motorcycles. Sakura Hanae is a high school student who looks a little bit like an airhead. On the way to her all-female high school one day, she is worn-out climbing a hilly road with a bicycle, but she sees a girl named Onsa Amano who is riding a motorcycle. Sakura immediately becomes interested in motorcycles, and she and Onsa join the motorcycle club at the school. Then, Sakura sets out to get her license.

(Source – GogoAnime)

Bakuon Episode 1 Review

Well am really excited that this Anime is on biking but to be more accurate this is all girls biking Anime meaning there is no male character at all well actually there is one but he is an old butler. But as far from what i have seen in the first episode and OVA (released before episode 1) this Anime can be good if executed properly.

The Main character of the story is a first year airhead High school girl “Sakura Hanae” who was climbing the hill on the way to all female high school with her bicycle which she found pretty hard but on the way she noticed that a girl from her high school named Onsa Amano was riding a bike. Amano and Hanae becomes friend and Amano advice her to take bike and biking license so she would not struggle climbing the hill. Since their school doesn’t have strict rules to not bring bikes. The girls decide to form the biking club but they find that there is already a club and so they decide to join the biking club.

Bakuon - Lime
Bakuon – Lime

There they find single club member and president and her name is Lime and she always keeps her face covered by wearing “Helmet” 24/7 which is kinda weird. She rides Kawasaki Ninja Bike which weights 240 Kg. a litre bike.

Bakuon - Lime and Hanae
Bakuon – Lime and Hanae

She gives Hanae a test ride which she likes a lot after that Hanae joins motorcycle school to learn everything about biking and to take her license. Where she meets “Rin” from her school who was also in motor school to take her license where Rin also decides to join the biking club. After that together with club members these 4 girls visit bike shop where Hanae will buy her first bike.


Well so far this is what happened in first episode but although the characters are all girls, this Anime tells you everything there is to a motor bike and the information is so detail that i bet you can even learn how to drive a bike while just watching the Anime. I bet we will have episodes which will also describe the mechanics of a bike.

The series is quite funny too and it gives you a K-ON feel. Before this episode the OVA for anime was released which showed all the members of Biking club excluding Lime goes on a ride. Lime later joins the gang but from this episode and the previously released OVA episode i found that the Anime is lacking strong plot. What i mean is that this Anime only shows the fun of riding a bike or the fun of biking.

To be more accurate with an explanation i will relate this anime to real life – In our life even if its only once we have always gone on long bike ride with friends to experience the fun of biking. People or groups of people who do this every weekend or every month are termed as riders or bikers who ride their bikes from city life to mountain areas to feel the beauty of nature. In other words this is the impression you get from the Anime.

Bakuon has 13 episodes of run time so naturally the anime will follow this pattern. First 3 or 5 episodes you will see Hanae learns to ride bike and get her license and buys her own bike after that one more person will join the club. Currently there are four members but there is one more member who will join the club. The members of the club will then go on the first long bike ride.

So what i actually mean is this is not an anime where you can picture something major happening, its your typical slice of life with no strong protagonist or antagonist. Although i literally don’t mean that the anime will follow the above particular pattern that i mentioned above but if they did that then the anime won’t get any material for second season. Meaning the anime will only last 13 episode.

Animation and Character and bike designs

The Animation is bit rough and edgy, It would have been more cool if they didn’t have that rough and edgy style but that does not mean that the current animation doesn’t suit the series but the bike designs are awesome. The character designs are cute. Although the girl characters follows a same pattern – A typical cute airhead girl, A tsundere with ponytails, A tomboy who likes to stay cool, A weirdo who actually is awesome and A girl with glasses from rich family who is well mannered and smart.

Wrapping up

Although the anime is cute and fun to watch but it doesn’t really gives you the feeling of excitement that you always get from the anime which have vehicles as focus point, for eg :- Initial D and Capeta and Wangan Midnight. This Anime gives you a feeling of normal slice of life anime which is about the joy of biking. The only reason i am watching this Anime because i am a die hard car & bike fan.

Overall Episode Rating

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