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Bakuon Episode 2 Review – That Emotional Trap

Bakuon Episode 2 – Last week, the first episode of Bakuon Anime proved that, despite being a biking Anime this Anime is not actually on biking. Its more like a Anime which depicts the story of five high school girls who likes motorbikes and basically shows fandom or girl’s love for bike and Joy of biking.


The story revolves around high school girls who discover the appeal of motorcycles. Sakura Hane is a high school student who looks a little bit like an airhead. On the way to her all-female high school one day, she is worn-out climbing a hilly road with a bicycle, but she sees a girl named Onsa Amano who is riding a motorcycle. Sakura immediately becomes interested in motorcycles, and she and Onsa join the motorcycle club at the school. Then, Sakura sets out to get her license.

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Bakuon Episode 2 Review

I thought second episode of the series will show the continuation of first episode i.e Hane Sakura getting biking license and graduating through bike learning school and her life during high school and then i thought that she will buy her very first bike. But instead the episode majorly focuses on Suzunoki Rin the fourth member to join the club after Hane Sakura and Amano Onsa. Suzunoki Rin the blonde tsundere is a girl who is obsessed with Katana 400 cc and loves every bikes from Suzuki company. Today we got to know the reason why she is obsessed with these things.

Bakuon Episode 2 Suzunoki Rin - Kid
Bakuon Episode 2 Suzunoki Rin – Kid

Like i said the episode majorly focuses on Suzunoki Rin so we got a little sneak peak at her life as a kid which also gave us the reason of her obsession. When Rin was kid she went to zoo with her father, at that time her father used to ride the Katana 400cc bike, Rin is a girl who likes Giraffes (kirin) and at that time she asked why we can’t hear giraffe’s (kirin) cry, her father answers,”Giraffes are animals known to be preserved, so we can’t hear their voice or their cry often that we hear from other animals, that is their strength. Your name has giraffe (kirin) in it too – Suzunoki Rin combined the two words you will get Suzuno-kirin. So you have to be strong life giraffe (kirin) too so you should not cry on every single thing that hurts you, you need to be strong.”

On the way back her father tells her that he failed the license test once again, while there are some cowards who bought license by paying bribe he don’t wanna do that, he will pass the test genuinely and want to ride Katana 1135R that will be launched soon. Which made me wonder that if he can ride the bike that well then why can’t he pass the license test because when he were telling all these things to Rin they were on the highway. Anyways Rin asks “So that’s why you want to get a license?” Rin’s father replies “Well its partially true, but to get that bike you need to right essay, which will convey your passion regarding Suzuki Katana bikes.” Rin tells her father not to try so hard because she likes the current bike he is riding and don’t care if its an old relic.

Bakuon Episod 2 - Accident
Bakuon Episod 2 – Accident

After that they both meet an accident because of which Rin’s father is injured fatally, in hospital her father tells her that he is not going to make it, and wishes that if only once he could ride Katana 1135R, Rin tells that she will write essay for him and will let him ride the bike so she tells him not to give up. Rin tries her best and writes a complete essay and comes to hospital but when she comes back she notices her father is not there. At that moment i thought that Rin’s father’s death was the reason behind Katana’s obsession but then the scene moves towards the present timeline.

Rin wears her racing suit and she is carrying her license, and getting ready to go to school for the first time taking her dad’s katana 400 cc which made me even more emotional since i thought that bike was the memento left behind by her dad, but then her dad comes near her, riding Katana 1135R and says “why are you riding that old relic? you should ride Katana 1135R.” For the first time in my life i was thanking god that i didn’t cry on the emotional part that was shown in Rin’s past, if i would have cried then all the tears would been wasted. In this episode Bakuon just pulled out huge emotional blunder on its viewers.

Scene moves towards the school, where Onsa and Sakura discuss about Rin getting her license, Rin and Onsa got into fight the first time they met each other, So here sakura tells Onsa to make up with Rin since they are going to be in the same bike club, Onsa tries her best but it didn’t work, After school Sakura and Rin goes to see Rin’s bike where they see Onsa practising fake praising about Katana 400 cc in order to make Rin happy but that makes things even worse as a result Onsa and Rin keeps fighting.

Minowa Hijri
Bakuon Episode 2 – Minowa Hijri

After that we see a new character willing to join the biking club, reason – She wants to become a delinquent! Apparently that girl is a rich lady who still haven’t got her biking license, that’s why she asks her butler Hayakawa to give her a ride, Hayakwa rides Ducati with side car. The fifth member’s name is Minowa Hijiri. She is fan of bad things i.e she likes delinquents and admires them that’s why she joins bike club. To stop Onsa and Rin from fighting they decide to have a chicken race i.e they will ride at the river shore at top speed and will stop barely at the end of the shore if someone scares and stop the bike they will loose the race.

Hijiri and hayakawa
Bakuon Episode 2 – Hijiri and hayakawa

In the end Hayakawa and Hijiri ends up winning the race, since they take a dive in river. After that scene moves towards motorbike school where Hane’s graduation is coming up.

Bakuon episode 2 – Baita

As usual she spends time talking with the bike who taught her everything.. Wait talking with bike? this must be your reaction right? well apparently the bike she was riding can talk human language (forgot to mention in previous review) at first this may feel weird but it does conveys the feelings that bike and cars have their emotions. The bike that sakura was riding in the school was named as Baita. Baita wishes her goodluck and sakura too tells her that “lets do our best tomorrow,” but Baita didn’t tell her that this was the last time she will see sakura and the last day of her in this school as she didn’t wanted to discourage her…

During final test Sakura notices that bike she was going to ride is not Baita, At first she was scared because she taught that she couldn’t pass the test without Baita, but at the end her friend’s cheering brought Sakura back to her senses and she flawlessly passed the test and that’s where the episode ended..

The Opinion

Phoenix wright Ace Attorney episode 2  killed my only favorite character of the entire series Ayasato Chihiro in the second episode for the purpose of developing the main character and Bakuon killed Baita the only favorite character of the entire series for developing Sakura who is the main character of the series. Today’s day was the worst for me as i saw my both favorite character dying right in the second episode of the series.

After Baita the only character i liked is Suzunoki Rin, to be honest i was watching this show for Baita, the Motorbikes and Suzunoki Rin and the show just killed one reason for me watching the series.

Wrapping up

Again i don’t have anything to say about the anime as the episode itself are pretty straight forward, to be honest this anime is not even exciting and not even boring but weird enough i am satisfied by it.

Overall Episode Rating

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