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Big Order Episode 1 Review – Old Thing with New Concepts?

Big Order Episode 1

Big order Episode 1 – So today i watched this new Anime called Big Order, The Manga is from the same Author who wrote Mirrai Nikki also known with its other name Future Dairy. For someone like me who haven’t read the Manga and haven’t even watched the OVA which was released years ago, The episode at first look really confusing as i was not able to figure out what was happening in the episode but the end brought all the things together.


The story centers on an introverted high school student named Hoshimiya Eiji with a huge secret—he wished for the destruction of the world when he was younger. Fairies give certain people special powers called Orders, and what Order Users can do with their power depends on their wishes. Ten years after the Great Destruction, Eiji struggles to come to terms with his immense power.

(Source: ANN)

Big order Episode 1 Review

The Main character of the story is Hoshinomiya Eiji an introvert high school students who lives with his crippled sister which always stays in the hospital. The world Eiji lives in is completely destroyed and people in that world hate “Orders,” Well i don’t mean instructions, But Orders is a term given to the people who have special powers and Eiji is one of them. People believe that because of the Orders the world was destroyed, that’s why Eiji hides the fact that he is one of them and swears that he won’t use his powers ever but along with that he also hides one more thing. That it was Eiji who was the main reason behind the world’s destruction.

Big Order Episode 1 - Hoshinomiya Eiji
Big Order Episode 1 – Hoshinomiya Eiji

As mentioned in the synopsis a certain fairy Daisy or you can call her a god who grants people their wishes, and those who got their wish fulfilled are known as Orders, the only thing is it completely depends on her – that to whom she will grant the wish. 10 years ago (according to anime timeline) she appeared in front of Eiji who was drawing his favorite hero, and asked him what is his wish? It was at that time, Eiji wished for the destruction of world. But the reality is completely opposite.

Big Order Episode 1 -  Kurenai Rin
Big Order Episode 1 – Kurenai Rin

One day a new girl comes in Eiji’s school as a transfer student Her name is Kurenai, Eiji likes her the moment he sees her. But later he founds out that she came to take revenge on him and she is an order with regeneration abilities which makes her immortal, because of Eiji’s wish the world got destroyed in that the Rin’s parents died. With no relatives left she swears to take revenge on Eiji, She even hurts his sister who is crippled and cannot take care of herself which eventually forces Eiji to remember what his actual wish was.

Big Order Episode 1 -  Eiji
Big Order Episode 1 – Eiji

Eiji thinks that his wish destroyed the world but in fact, what he wished for was not world’s destruction, he wished to rule the world and bring peace, Its a dream that he inherited from his child hood anime hero Evil ranger. But his powers were too difficult for him to handle that’s why it went out of control and world got destroyed but to save his sister he has no choice but to use his power. The fairy meets him once again and puts limiter on his powers so they won’t go out of control because of which Eiji is able to use his powers however he wants.

Big Order Episode 1 -  Rin
Big Order Episode 1 – Rin

He uses his order powers to save his sister and make Kurenai Rin submit to his will. Eiji’s ability is to make people submit. If Eiji stands in a big room and uses his powers, then that room will become his domain and will make all the people in that room to submit to his will. He can also move object at his own will. So that’s how Eiji saves his sister and once again becomes determined to use his powers and follow his old dream of dominating the world and bring world peace.

The Opinion

At first i felt the Anime was unique, because the made the episode pretty confusing and i was unable to figure out what was going on. It’s in fact a pretty nice strategy to make people curious but when the end connected all the missing dots, that curiosity suddenly went down as it was easy to figure out that the basic plot of the story is complete rip off of Code Geass anime.

The main character is introvert and high school student :

  • He has a crippled sister and he loves her a lot.
  • His ambition is to bring peace to the world and the only way to do that is to rule the entire world.
  • He has supernatural ability to make people submit and obey him and that came from a wish.

So basically what this Anime is doing – Serving us the old thing with entirely new concept, which is kinda disappointing and at the same time it makes people curious. Also there is a certain similarity to Jojo’s bizarre adventure and Ajin too! When the Main character uses his powers a mummy like thing which have pipe tentacles comes out and although its dark and not shiny it looks like a stand, or more like its a mixture of stand and IBM from Ajin.

The Animation and character design

Ok first we will talk about the character designs, since the Manga is from the same author who made Mirai Nikki, The Main characters i.e the boy Eiji and the girl Rin who comes to take revenge on him, looks like Yuno and Yukki from Mirai Nikki. The author must love those two a lot i guess. Although the boy looks like Yukki but he doesn’t share his personality, but the girl shares looks and even personality, She is Yandere. The Animation has a dark feel to it and its pretty polished and no edgy feel around it. Although the brightness is little less but its ok because its watchable.

Wrapping up

Although the Anime may loose points for originality but it has something new, because of which it made me curious enough so that i can watch upcoming episodes.

Overall Episode Rating

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