Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Izuku Transformed

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 Review – Inheriting Power!!

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – The second episode of the Anime was filled with feel which made us cry but this week’s latest episode i.e episode 3 made us determined. Well to be honest this episode was nothing special but it was entirely dedicated to pure training of the Main character, which would improve MC Izuku Midoriya’s  character  at least a little…


What’s a hero? For Izuku Midoriya, the answer to that question has always been simple: “Everything I want to be!” And who is the ultimate hero? Well, the legendary All Might, of course. All Might is the number one ranked hero and also the “Symbol of Peace” in the world. Not in his wildest dreams could Izuku have imagined that he would soon cross paths with his childhood hero…

In Boku no Hero Academia, status is governed by “Quirks”—unique superpowers which develop in childhood. But, unfortunately, hero otaku Midoriya “Deku” Izuku never had a Quirk. That is, until he met All Might, the greatest hero of all time.

Izuku’s transformation from dreamer to superhero begins at Yuuei Academy, the top-ranked hero-training high school in Japan. Izuku is on cloud nine when he’s accepted to this prestigious academy, especially when he finds out that All Might is one of the teachers. What surprises does this mighty academy offer? And will Izuku be able to keep up with his elite classmates?

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Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 Review

Boku No Hero Academia - episode 2
Boku No Hero Academia – episode 2

So at the end of the episode 2, All Might tells Deku (izuku) that he can become hero, because of which Deku becomes emotional and that’s where episode ends. The third episode of Boku No Hero Academia depicts the events after that. So when the episode starts, All Might asks Deku – “You will inherit my power, are you ready?” Deku is like “Inherit?” All Might then tells Deku that his quirk or his power is something that he inherited from others and that quirk is passed down from generations to generations.

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - All Might
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – All Might

This leaves Deku astonished, as it was known that quirk is something that people are born with and they cannot pass that quirk to other people. So for Deku hearing the sentence – “My quirk is inherited from others” was like suffering through a near fatal trauma. For a moment he could not believe what All Might was saying but he continued to listen to him.

All Might further said, My quirk is All For One, that means his quirk is the accumulation of power so it has power stored inside it and that’s the power of all the people who had this quirk before him. What he meant is, its like when a person inherits this quirk he cultivates the power and pass it down, as this process continues the power is increased. Although media people think that his quirk is just a strength boost and try to ask more questions to know other details but he dodge the questions by strategically designed answers and funny jokes. Because symbol of peace needs to be natural born hero!

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Deku
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – Deku

He further adds, “As i was looking for my successor too, i think you would be the best person to inherit this quirk, No! Only you can inherit this quirk, because when you jumped to save your friend (he is talking about that slime villain incident) without even thinking and despite known the fact that you are quirkless, it was enough for me to convince that you were more heroic than any person and hero who were present there at that time. So will you inherit my quirk?” Deku, without any hesitation or pause replied yes.

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - All Might Training
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – All Might Training

Although inheriting All Might’s power is not an easy job. Since All Might’s quirk will increase Deku’s strength, speed and combat abilities, his non-atheletic or non-trained body is not suited to handle the quirk, if he inherits the quirk right away he will die. So All Might trains him so that he can become fit and his body can handle the quirk’s strength. So the training All Might gives him is to clean the beach, Well to be honest its not easy as it sounds. All Might takes him to certain beach where entire Japan dumps their garbage (which includes heavy things) and because of which it has became a best place to hide illegal things. Deku’s job is to clean all that trash as quickly as possible within the time span of 10 months.

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Izuku Happy
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – Izuku Happy

So Izuku Midoriya (Deku) trains hard for the 10 months and because of the training his wimpy body turns into a properly structured muscled body. Although the training was so tough that he completed it right at the morning of entrance exam. So he didn’t get enough time to train with All Might’s quirk “All For One.” Although when i thought that how will All Might pass down his qurik to Deku and even if he did he would become quirkless right? But it seems that was not the case, when it came to passing down the quirk to Deku, All Might removed his hair (One hair) and told Deku to eat it, yes you read the right thing he told him to eat that hair.

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Eat this, Huh?
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – Eat this, Huh?

Well i know it actually sounds gross when you imagine Deku eating hair but it doesn’t matter as long as All Might’s D.N.A is transferred to Deku (Although that’s the grossest way you can think of). Now the times come for Deku to take the entrance exam to U.A Academy (Hero’s Academy), Where he meets Ochaco for the first time, although she is the one who did all the talking Deku was pretty happy that he accomplished something in life. The joy of having conversation with girl for the first time is something you cannot comprehend right?

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - I talked to girl, Didn't Actually Talk
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – I talked to girl, Didn’t Actually Talk

All the students taking the U.A Entrance examination gathers at the auditorium, where they are informed of how the entrance examination will be and then the scene moves towards the entrance exam, where all the students are gathered. As expected Deku is nervous and was thinking that he will be able to do it or not. Considering the fact that he didn’t even receive an enough time to train with “All For One” quirk that he inherited from All Might it is natural for him to be nervous. Anyways this was the entire third episode of Boku No Hero Academia.

The opinion

Considering that this episode was nothing special and was only about Deku training himself to become a vessel to inherit All For One, this episode in fact was not boring at all. Yes we all know that Deku looks like a wimp, but because he is wimp he can use his brain and constantly think of way to improve himself step by step, this is what i saw in this episode. If using his brains, he can master the quirk then Deku will be the most amazing shounen main character.

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Izuku using brain
Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – Izuku using brain

Normally episode dedicated to training can be boring, so they are always mixed with other events. Lets take training episodes or DBZ and Naruto as an example. In DBZ we saw Goku’s training with King kai, His training with Gohan in hyperbolic time changer and his training in space ship are always combined or are placed in between the other events happening aside when he is training. It was the same thing with Naruto either the entire training is session is skipped like One Piece or they are placed in between the other events.

As for Boku No Hero Academia episode 3 – this entire episode was solely dedicated to training and they showed no major events happening in the episode and it was in fact entertaining, also one of the good thing about this series is that it has beautiful and clean pacing, you can say the episode runs at a stable speed, its not too fast and not too slow. Which is why this episode despite being a training episode was quite entertaining.

Wrapping up

This Anime is seriously doing some great job, with all that careful pacing and how carefully they are progressing with the story it completely satisfies its viewers and its to the point that i can’t even take out a single mistake even if i wanted to do, so its a 5 on 5 episode for me though…

Wrapping up

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