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GARO Divine Flame Trailer – Movie Sequel to 1st GARO Anime

Garo Divine Flame Trailer

GARO Divine flame is the sequel movie for the “First GARO Anime” released its trailer today which features JAM Project song on its official website. The trailer video reveals the film theme song “Yaiba – The Divine Blade” which is made by JAM Project.


Garo Divine Flame
Garo Divine Flame

León, who has succeeded the name of Golden Knight “GARO” devotes himself to train a young Makai Knight for the next generation, together with Prince Alfonso of the Valiante Kingdom. Then, they receive an order to exterminate the most beautiful Horror in the world which resides in a neighboring country “Vazelia”.

At the same time, a young Makai Knight for the next generation is kidnapped by an unknown person.

León desperately follows them, only to find that he is surrounded by his enemies at a dead end. Then, a Makai Knight Dario who was supposed to be missing for some time suddenly appears and rescues him.

Under his guidance, León is led to the town where he meets up a totally unexpected person!

(Source – Tohokushinsha Film Corporation)

GARO Divine Flame Trailer with theme song

GARO Divine Flame first two teasers

Teaser Number 01

Teaser Number 02

The official website of GARO Divine Flame also revealed that the movie would be 80 minutes long and will open on May 21.

The timeline of the film is set for four years after the events of the first television anime “GARO : Hono No Koukin” Director Hayashi Yuichiro, head writer Kobayashi Yasuko and Studio MPPA are reuniting for this film after they worked on the first television Anime series “GARO – Hono No Koukin.”


To be honest according to me, the original GARO Anime – “GARO : Hono No Koukin” was the best one and “GARO : Gurren No Tsuki” sucks. Because of this i am excited for this new movie which is based on the original characters i.e the characters that were in the first television anime series.


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