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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is unbreakable Episode 1 Review

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is unbreakable episode 1 aired today which gave a big shock to those who were not aware of the airing date. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the classic series which has been remade and has received 4 seasons earlier and this one (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable) is the 5th season of the series. For those who have not watched the first 4 seasons i recommend you guys or more like request you guys to go and watch it because its one of the most badass anime series out there.

Today i will be reviewing the fifth season of the series which is on based on “Higashikata Jouske” the third Jojo character of the series.

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Jojo’s Bizarre adventure Diamond is unbreakable

The story of the series is based on the timeline of 10 years after the last series where Jotaro Kujo defeated Dio Brando once and for all. Series start with Jotaro Kujo travelling to Morioh City to find Higashikata Jouske the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, grandfather of Jotaro Kujo and grandson of Jonathan Joestar who was the main character of the first season and then later he (Joseph joestar) becomes the main character of the second season.

Since Joseph Joestar became old he decides to divide his inheritance between his relatives at that time he confesses that he has an illegitimate son who’s was born during his affair with a girl. So he sends Jotaro to find Jouske who lives in Morioh city but there is another hidden reason, Joseph suspects that his son’s life is in danger and the reason for that is when he uses his “Stand Power” to visualise Jouske’s picture instead of Jouske’s face a strange person appears in photograph.

Higashikata Jouske
Higashikata Jouske

Jotaro meets Jouske at Morioh city and tells him about all the things that’s happening within the Joestar family and at the same time he also finds out that Jouske is capable using stand. Jotaro then become convinced that whoever that strange person is, he is really going to target Jouske one day so Jotaro warns him at the same time Jotaro also test Jouske’s stand powers and has a little one on one with him.

Jouske’s stand name is “Crazy diamond” and has power to fix things oddly. What i mean is once Jouske beats someone his stand can heal the wounds after beating up but if he beats someone badly enough to break arms or legs, that persons body parts will be fixed but the shape will be distorted. Apparently Jouske is a well mannered and kind guy just like his great grandfather Jonathan Joestar but can become pretty wild and scary if someone say something about his hair style.

Crazy Diamond Stand
Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable – Crazy Diamond Stand

At the end of the episode Jouske and his friend come across that strange person Jotaro warned him about. It is then confirmed that the strange person is not a human instead he is a stand that possess people and then use them to commit all the crimes. While Jouske and his friend were returning home from school the see a thief trying to flee a robbery scene using woman as a hostage and that thief calls Jouske a “boy with squid head,” since the thief used inappropriate words about Jouske’s hairstyle, Jouske becomes angry and uses his stand power on him and rescues the woman. It is during that time he meets the antagonist of the series who is actually a stand.

The antagonist warns Jouske that he will be watching him constantly, the next day Jotaro calls Jouske and ask him about the events and they decide to meet. When Jouske leaves home the antagonist comes at his house targeting his family and with this the episode ends.


As always Jojo’s bizarre adventure manages to entertain viewers with the help of the badass characters and powerful story and gets straight to the point without wasting anytime. So far this first episode was a little bit of sneak peak in Higashikata Jouske’s life and the episode took enough time to explain the link or relationship of Higashikata Jouske and Joestar family but it didn’t waste time explaining the thing and was straight on the point as well as was progressing the story side by side…

Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro

The characters were well built especially Jotaro, in the previous series i.e Star dust chrono crusaders Jotaro was a wild and composed guy but in this series he was wild, composed and intelligent since the new series is based on the time line which is 10 years after the events of previous series it gives us enough reason to be convinced that Jotaro is matured a lot. And who would have thought that Jotaro would become a Marine explorer and would be famous in scientific world…

The Antagonist
Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable – The Antagonist

As for the antagonist, well i felt that he was little weak when compared to the previous antagonist of the series, and i felt that his real form doesn’t even look that strong in fact he is like slime. His only strong point is that he can posses person and use him to commit crimes. Its like he is underwhelming, but lets not jump the gun because this episode was just the first episode of the series and i feel like more interesting things are going to happen.

As for the animation well it certainly rough and edgy and looks cool and also suits the series but personally i don’t like it that much and the series is too colourful, it would be much better if they kept the same animation at it was in Star dust chrono crusaders. Also the characters are drawn well, except Jotaro they messed up with his design, i liked how he looked in the previous series.

Wrapping up

This episode on a series note was epic and entertaining and it was just the start there are more episodes to come. Only Jojo’s bizarre adventure can pull this off, i mean not all the series can make the first episode of the series epic every time it gets a new season and at the same time continue too maintain the same quality of all the episodes till the end. Thanks to that i am all hyped up for the next episode and really can’t wait to see what happens.

Overall Episode Ratings

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