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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 2 Review

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable episode 2 review – The new series of Jojo’s bizarre adventure started great, and the first episode of the series revealed some of the most surprising secrets regarding Joestar family..

The review episode 1 tells everything about that, so if you’re interested in reading the review check this link out – Jojo’s bizarre adventure – diamond is unbreakable episode 1 review

Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable episode 2 review

As i mentioned in the previous review of episode 1 this story is based on timeline 10 years after the events happened in Jojo’s bizarre adventure star dust chrono crusaders – Egypt arc. The story is about Joseph Joestar illegitimate son born from affair, Higashikata Jouske. Jotaro Kujo came to meet him in Morioh city to tell that he will receive a share of property from Joestar family and also came to warn him about the strange person that’s targeting him. Although that strange person is not human and Jouske encountered him at the end of the episode. In this new episode it became clear that the antagonist (strange creature) Jouske encountered at the end of the episode is actually a stand.

Jojo's Bizarre Aventure Diamond is Unbreakable - Angelo and his stand Aqua Necklace
Jojo’s Bizarre Aventure Diamond is Unbreakable – Angelo and his stand Aqua Necklace

In also mentioned that the antagonist is pretty weak but that opinion is still the same even though we found out that the strange creature was actually a stand, The stand’s name is “Aqua Necklace” and is a stand of a serial killer and renowned criminal “Angelo.” During the end of the first episode we saw that Angelo targets Jouske’s mother and episode 2 start with the continuation of that scene. Angelo wanted to possess Jouske’s mother using his stand but for him to do that he need some kind of medium through which he can send the stand inside the body of Jouske’s mother. And for that purpose he becomes milk man, he delivers the milk but Jouske’s mother notice that the bottle he gave her is faulty. So his first attempt was failed.

Stand Crazy Diamond
Stand Crazy Diamond

On the other hand Jouske was getting warned by Jotaro that don’t eat or drink or breath some strange smoke that’s enough for Angelo’s stand to get inside you and control your body. Jouske while talking with Jotaro on phone notices that the Angelo’s stand is in his mothers mouth and is about to go inside. He quickly saves his mother from that situation without letting his mother know, and traps the stand inside an empty bottle. He tells Jotaro that he caught the stand and what should he do with it? Jotaro tells him to wait till he come.

Officer Higashikata's death
Officer Higashikata’s death

Frustrated by defeat, outside Angelo is still waiting for his chance and he finally notices his grandfather officer Higashikata coming home from his night duty and he remembers that it was officer Higashikata who captured Angelo first and because of him he went to jail. His feelings for revenge for that incident surges up and he plans to kill officer Higashikata and he succeeds in it. Jouske unable to heal his grandfather using his stand powers feel frustrated that he could not save him. After funeral he sends his mother to relatives home so he and Jotaro can deal with Angelo once and for all. But Angelo wait for 3 days for his chance and finally attacks on 3rd day when it starts to rain heavily.

Jojo'a bizarre adventure - Diamond is unbreakable
Jojo’a bizarre adventure – Diamond is unbreakable

It seems rain is the biggest advantage for Angelo, because his stand need just a medium through which he can travel to a person’s body, rain is a perfect ally for him and he uses that to his advantage. He manages to trap Jotaro and Jouske inside their house and even manage to go inside Jouske’s body but his plan fails. Jouske shoved rubber glove in his mouth before Angelo made his move, in hope that by chance he failed to stop Angelo’s stand, he just have to make sure that stand will enter his body through mouth, if the stand will enter his body by mouth he will get trapped in rubber glove that he shoved earlier. Meaning he used himself as a live bait.

Jotaro and Jouske
Jotaro and Jouske

Jouske forced out Angelo out of his hiding place by controlling the movement of stand, Angelo even though he looks like a strong person he didn’t have any fighting skills and had no choice but to run away. Although Jouske and Jotaro are not the people that will let that happen easily. In the end of the episode Jouske sealed Angelo inside a stone, that stone later came to be known as Angelo stone a place of love and a place where couple meets (despite its creepy appearance) and that’s where the episode ends.


Although the episode was awesome but they easily finished the antagonist, because of which its hard to figure out who will become the next villain of the story although it doesn’t change the fact that Angelo was not the kind of villain who will stay till the end of the series. Considering all the antagonist that appeared in Jojo’s bizarre adventure series Angelo was weakest of them all. So if they discarded him in the second episode that means we will get to see much more stronger antagonist who is evilest of all the antagonist from the entire Jojo’s bizarre adventure series.

This second episode made Jouske my favorite Jojo character compared to all the Jojo’s that appeared before him. He is kind, strong but when he gets pissed he is scary, and despite of all that he remains calm in every situation and his presence of mind is good too and he may not look like but he is smart. While i thought Jotaro Kujo was the one who had all these qualities but Jouske even surpasses Jotaro in these qualities. Which proves that the this time the main character is strong which will make the story even better!

Unpredictability has became the most important factor of this season which Kabaneri of the Iron fortress, Sakamoto Desu ga? and Bungou stray dogs made it clear right from the first episode. Jojo’s Bizarre adventure is something which has strong plot which also gave us hint of how this series will progress and end but this new season of Jojo is unpredictable because the plot of this story only tells about Angelo and it doesn’t give us a single hint about how the series will progress and how it will end. Which made the series more exciting to watch.

Wrapping up

The second episode of Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable was good, and we really can’t figure out what will happen from next episode onwards…

Overall Episode Rating

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