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Joker Game Episode 2 Review – The Mind Game!!

Joker Game Episode 2 Review – Last week first episode of Joker Game was out which assured us that this Anime is going to be an awesome Anime. It looks like the story will continue to maintain its strong presence till the end, and Joker Game episode 2 is a proof of that.

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Taking place in the year 1937 on the eve of World War II, the story involves a mysterious spy training organization known as the “D Agency.” The organization is established by Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki from the Imperial Japanese Army. His ideals lead him to recruit people beyond military academy graduates and personnel, while training them to become skilled agents in arts of manipulation. These agents would become a specialized team to conduct operations. One such antihero agent, under the name Jirou Gamou, goes on a harrowing mission to uncover secret documents titled “Black Notes,” while battling forces from within and without his own ranks.

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Joker Game Episode 2 Review

Joker Game Episode 1 Depicted the story “D Agency,” A spy agency formed by imperial japanese army by lieutenant colonel Yuuki, which trained people to become spy, the candidates to become spies are gathered among the civilians i.e outside from military or any government authority. These candidates goes under hard training to become spies. Sakuma, the main character of the series and a soldier from the imperial army joins the agency, but he makes it clear right away that he don’t like how spies work and can’t fathom the idea of living under fake name and identity the entire life.

Joker Game - Characters
Joker Game – Characters

At the end of the first episode, the spy agency members get their first mission and that was to search the house of an American person living in Japan suspected as spy working for America his name was John Gordon. The members of D Agency disguise themselves as Imperial Army and goes to investigate the Gordon’s house, it was then revealed that imperial army came beforehand and searched the entire house but they didn’t found any evidence that proved that Gordon was a spy. A member of D Agency then declare that our captain (Sakuma) will commit suicide in front of you if we didn’t found anything. Gordon agrees and the search of the entire house begins and in the end D Agency doesn’t find a single evidence. Sakuma realizes that he was the only one who picked the card of the Joker, since he had no choice he prepares himself to commit suicide but at the end notices that there is one place where they haven’t searched yet.

Joker Game Episode 2 - Sakuma
Joker Game Episode 2 – Sakuma

During the era of world war 2, the entire Japan use to respect the portrait of imperial family, Gordon kept the evidence behind the portrait because he knew the army won’t search there. Sakuma realizes that its the best place to hide things and then soon he orders the members to search the back of the imperial portrait.

The scene turns towards the office of D Agency where Sakuma asks Yuuki that – “Do you knew that colonel mutou already ordered imperial army to search Gordon’s house?” Yuuki asks “What makes you think that?” Sakuma replies – “Because you ordered us to disguise ourselves as Army and carry out the investigations in broad daylight because you wanted to lower Gordon’s gaurd!” Sakuma then goes to army office to give report about the incident, thinking that he has no proof that Colonel Mutou failed in proving that Gordon was a spy and to cover up his mistakes he gave D Agency the order to search Gordon’s house but even if he did, he must have thought that if someone would commit the same mistake as he did his reputation won’t be tarnished and his road for promotion would become clear. Still Sakuma was not able to think how Yuuki knew that Colonel Mutou has already ordered his troops to search Gordon’s house and failed. Sakuma then realizes that when he got order to search Gordon’s house Mutou was suffering through Hangover.

Joker Game Episode 2 - At Hanabishi
Joker Game Episode 2 – At Hanabishi

Sakuma further investigates and founds out that Mutou went to Gaiesha’s place a bar known as Hanabishi and got drunk and started talking about Military secrets, With further investigations Sakuma realizes that at that time in the near room Yuuki was there too, and he notices Mutou’s behaviour. After that investigations, the chief of Hanabishi gives the empty cigarettes case to Sakuma and tell him to hand it over to Colonel Mutou when he visits army office.

Joker Episode 2 - Colonel Mutou
Joker Episode 2 – Colonel Mutou

The next day Sakuma gives his report to Colonel Mutou and tells that Lieutenant colonel Yuuki plans to use Gordon as a double agent that why D Agency will handle him, Mutou is shocked by the circumstances and then Sakuma gives him the case that chief of Hanabishi bar handed to him when asked how he found, he said he found at Hanabishi. And tells him, that its Military law to never leak any information even if that’s Gaiesha you visit often. Colonel Mutou gets angry and tells Sakuma to get out. On the way back he meets D Agency’s chief Yuuki, Where Sakuma tells him that you can walk normally you don’t need crane to walk and your left hand is prosthetic instead of your right hand, You wear glove on your right hand to disguise the fact that your left hand is prosthetic.

Joker Game Episode 2 - End
Joker Game Episode 2 – End

Yuuki tells Sakuma everything that how he find out what Mutou did and how he setup that raid at Gordon’s house. Now that D Agency has found the evidence that Gordon is a spy and knows about the mistakes that Mutou committed it will be easier to withdraw funds from Army office to make D Agency prosper more. In short he used this incident to keep colonel mutou in his hands so he can co-operate with D Agency. Yuuki asks Sakuma at the end of the episode that he is interested in spy training. Sakuma replies that he is soldier till the end and is ready to sacrifice himself. But he don’t become a mere pawn that a person can throw away…

The Opinion

No one would have expected that Joker Game Anime will do such an awesome job. The first episode gave us a little demo on how the series is going to be and it also showed us the clear difference between the ideals of a soldier and a spy.

The second episode gave more clear explanation on the mind game or more likely shed the light on the thinking and mentality of every spy. Because of which the difference between the ideals of soldier and spy becomes even more clear. The overall plot of the Anime is solid and the execution of each episode is done with utmost precision, accuracy and confidence that i have nothing to complain.

Honestly people who gets bored watching this Anime really need reconsider themselves. If they liked Anime such as Log Horizon and Detective Conan and Kindaichi case files, then they need to really think that they are doing right thing by dropping this anime? well its also true that everyone has their own freedom of choice and taste but this anime seriously packs some heavy punch and even give the vibes that the quality of the story and episodes is going to increase even further.

Wrapping up

Have no words to describe the greatness and awesomeness of Joker Game and this is just the start of the series!! Really, Can’t wait for the next episode!!

Overall Episode Rating

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