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No More Log Horizon – Author found guilty of Tax Evasion

Log Horizon

Log horizon, no more? According to report given by MTV News 24 on Tuesday, Tokyo district central court found Umezu Daisuke real name Touno Mamare, guilty of tax evasion. The court sentenced Touno to 10 month prison, although the sentence is suspended for 3 years, so he will also not serve time if he remains on good behavior. The court also levied his rights management company “m2ladeJAM” with 7 Million yen fine which is equal to $63,000 USD.

Log Horizon Author found guilty of Tax Evasion – More details

The 42 year old author of Log Horzion and MAOYU was charged of Tax evasion and Corporate tax law for allegedly neglecting file about 122 Million yen i.e $1 Million USD, in three years since the fiscal year ending in March 2014 in last April. Touno Mamare owns Government of Japan 30 Million yen taxes which is equal to $270,000 USD .

Touno was placed under house arrest last December. Shortly after being charged, Touno released a statement that said :-

“The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau notified me about the investigation on my tax reports, and I cooperated with their investigation. I have filed and paid my back taxes and completed the necessary paperwork, and so the Bureau has concluded their investigation.”

His light novels Log Horizon and MAOYU was adapted in Anime series, Log Horizon received 2 seasons of 25 episode each and MAOYU received 12 episode Anime series. He launched Log Horizon light novel at March 2011 and MAOYU at May 2011 and are licensed by Yen Press.

(News Source – ANN)

The Opinion

Touno has sentenced to 10 months prison, that means his activities are suspended for a particular time period, so its obvious that he won’t write light novels as long as he is in the prison. Although Log Horizon light novel was adapted into 2 season anime series earlier, if there is any possibility for the Anime getting another season, it looks like that won’t be possible for a while.

If he maintains good behavior, the time he spends in prison will be shortened and he will be released early, but this incident will have a huge negative/positive effect on his work.

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